How is Artificial intelligence changing the world

How is Artificial intelligence changing the world

Artificial intelligence is very much involved in our daily life now. Some of the appliances are such that we can no more imagine our life without them. In some ways we can say that these machines have made human life healthier, better and happier. Productivity and efficiency has also risen due to introduction of artificial intelligence. It is also said to bring another Industrial revolution and this revolution is very much different from the previous one. The previous industrial revolution brought into notice physical as well as mechanical strength but this revolution has reduced the requirement of labour by increasing machine presence. Robots are replacing human labour and also less people can do more work due to presence of machines. This has brought down the cost of companies and industries a lot increasing the profit margin hugely. Most of these are also included in B. Sc. Computer Science syllabus to make the students future ready.

Predicting the environmental changes

Artificial intelligence is doing the work that several intelligent and educated scientists couldn’t do over years. Machines can remember statistical data much better and understand trends in much advanced form. They can predict any weather conditions and environmental changes better than many scientists and help government to take required precautions.

Dangerous tasks have become less risky

In some risky operations, where bomb disposal or some terrorist attack is involved, we no more need to put at stake precious lives of our dear ones. Robots are put into use in such risky situations and the work is done more efficiently. Trying and experimenting has become easier. Machine learning and artificial intelligence has made life easy for welders too. Metal fabrication was earlier done by humans which caused health hazards due to release of toxic gases during the work. This health hazard for welders has now decreased as now automated robots are sent for such operations.

New helpers at home

People are now depending more on robots instead of human beings for their household work. Even elder people do not have to depend on younger members of the family for any of their works and their works are also completed more efficiently with the help of these robots. Today’s hectic lifestyle has also made people depend on robots more as they do not want to take responsibility of another human being at home and for all the above reasons robot and artificial intelligence seems a better option.

Healthcare is improved

Doctors might not be always available. Artificial intelligence is soon to replace human at dispensaries and medical service providing organizations. Robots are formatted and would always perform with same efficiency in any situation and frequency. The problem with humans is that their service might be different every time depending on their personal well being, relation with the patients, tiredness and many such factors. Artificial intelligence is more preferred due to same level of production even after repeated usage.

Banking sectors

Many functions in bank are already automated. Functions such as dispensing money, updating passbooks, depositing money and many such works are already done by machines and artificial intelligence. The time is not much far when banks would be working totally on artificial intelligence and there would be hardly any human interaction for any banking function. Banks have also started developing apps which has made the task even easier. People do not even have to leave their home or work for making transactions or using any banking service.

Home security

This is probably the most important field currently for artificial intelligence. People are moving out of large families breaking into nuclear ones. Most of the time both the spouse are going out to work and there is no one left to take care of the house. Here artificial intelligence is very helpful. CCTV cameras are being connected to the mobile phones of the owners so that they can keep an eye on their house. Also if someone tries to break in siren would blow up and also police would be immediately sent the address. This definitely makes your home safer than ever. Even if there are kids at home with a nanny, parents can keep an eye on the well being of their kid.

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