Career in Corporate Law

Career in Corporate Law

Corporate Law might sound very fancy and the career option might be very lucrative but one should be mentally ready to give years of hard work and be engrossed in studies for years to come. One has to be qualified enough, gain experience and then specialize in corporate law and then develop professional excellence. Corporate law is a new job opportunity in the field of law and is highly gaining popularity among top notch organizations. Increasing law matters in the companies and role of lawyers has created an immense growth opportunity in this field for the young, talented and knowledgeable lawyers. Corporate law is all about how a company legally interacts, handles commercial matter and represents their companies. A very important role of the corporate lawyer involves making the employees aware of their legal duties and rights. The various areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the corporate lawyer are bankruptcy, tax laws, zoning and intellectual properties. Corporate lawyers can be appointed by the corporate themselves or large law firms.

What is to be done?

The actual work of the corporate lawyer is to take legal decisions on behalf of the corporate firm. The decisions might involve employment law, acquisition, corporate taxes, mergers and government reporting. The lawyer needs to be very knowledgeable and have strong grip over his subject. Many a times corporate hires more than one lawyer with different specializations. This way they do not have to be in any tough situation and can get through any of them with the help of this legal guidance. In the field of law experience matters a lot. The lawyers have to be well involved in the corporate body and be able to predict any legal issue that might arise in the future.

Required skills for a Career in Corporate Law:

A corporate lawyer has to be logical, have good confidentiality, numerical ability, communication skills, bargaining skills, analytical thinking, business awareness and responsibility.

Qualification for Career in Corporate Law:

For joining LLB course one has to have a three year under graduate degree from a reputed and recognized university or has to complete twelfth class for joining five year BA LLB degree course. The BA LLB subjects involved course are as follows:

  1. Environmental Law: Due increasing depletion of the environment not only environmentalists are worried but the matter has been important enough to be given legal protection too. There are laws made for proper disposal, waste management law, electronic waste and so on.
  2. Intellectual property law: This law aims to protect the creative innovations and inventions of people from copying or wrong usage. Copyrights, trademarks, patent laws are part of this.
  3. Legal Psychology: it is for the psychologists who have interest in the field of law. This branch usually involves public policy, forensic psychology and so on.
  4. Constitutional Law: If you are amazed by the constitutions of various countries, its laws and how people live by it, this might be the subject for you. It is also about the perfect balance between words and the constitutional bodies.
  5. Criminal Law: Criminal lawyers deal directly with the criminal offence occurrence, trial processes and other such involved processes.

Some of the other subjects that might catch attention are:

  • Transnational law
  • Maritime Law
  • Cyber Laws
  • Energy Law
  • Tax
  • Labour and Employment Laws
  • Non-profit Organisation Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Law and Literature
  • Agricultural and Food Regulations
  • Legal Philosophy
  • Citizenship Laws

Prospects of Corporate Law Career:

After globalization, corporate law has become one of the most important professions all over the world and the demand for corporate lawyers has also gone up considerably. The increasing rules and regulations have made it very difficult for the company to handle it themselves. They do require help of professionally trained individuals. Sometimes they hire a lawyer themselves and sometimes they like to depend on a reputed law firm to assign a lawyer for the legal matters of that company. There are wide opportunities of job in the corporate firms as well the law firms as they have to appoint many lawyers to get the work done.

The financial success of the corporate lawyer depends on his experience and knowledge. However, it is subject to growth as the experience of the lawyer rises.

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