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Preparation of Civil Services Examination is long-time driven process, the process like a business cycle has its own period of highs and lows. Additionally, the daily routine of same schedule reading newspaper, revising subjects, repeating and going through same and same information again and again tends to make the process of preparing monotonous and lethargic. However, one cannot afford to loos focus in the preparation. It is for such times that this list of “Books for spare time” intends to fulfill.

Additionally,  there are also times like when you have just given Prelims or mains and want to take a break from routine study. At this time going through below books may help. Now, the books listed below are not best sellers or must reads but these books can help improve your perspective towards society, improve understanding of history, contexts in a slightly more broader and apolitic manner than you usually expect from course books or your daily reads.

List of Books for Spare time:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru – The discovery of India – (Amazon)
  • V.P.Menon – Integration of Princely States – (PDF) ( Amazon)
  • D D Basu – Introduction to the Constitution of India (Amazon – English | Hindi)
  • I. C. Dhingra- March of the Indian Economy (Amazon)
  • Oxford Student Atlas for Competitive Exams (Amazon)

  • Gandhi Ji – My experiments with truth – (Amazon)
  • Al Basham –  The wonder that was India – (Amazon)
  • Indian Philosophy D.M. Datta and S.C. Chatterjee
  • N R Narayana Murthy – A better India a better world – (Amazon)
  • APJ Abdul Kalam – India 2020(Amazon)
  • APJ Abdul Kalam – Wings of Fire (Amazon)
  • APJ Abdul Kalam – Target 3 Billion (Amazon)
  • APJ Abdul Kalam – Turning Points (Amazon)
  • APJ Abdul kalam – Ignited Minds (Amazon)
  • Amartya Sen – The Argumentative Indian (Amazon)
  • Rahul Pandita – Lets call him Vasu (Amazon)
  • M. N. Srinivas – Social Change in modern India – (Amazon)
  • Gail Omvedt – Understanding Caste – (Amazon)
  • B. R. Ambedkar –  Annihilation of Caste – (Amazon)
  • Mulk Raj Anand – Untouchable – (Amazon)
  • Stephen R Covey – The 7 habits of highly effective people – (Amazon)
  • Paulo Coelho – The alchemist – (Amazon)

Books written by Civil Servants that give idea about life of IAS/ Civil Servants:

  • M.K.Kaw – Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier: IAS Unmasked – (Amazon)
  • C.G.Somiah – The Honest Always Stand Alone – (Amazon)
  • Bhaskar Ghose – The Service Of The State: The IAS Reconsidered  –  (Amazon)
  • M.K. KAW – An Outsider Everywhere: Revelations By An Insider –  (Amazon)
  • Javid Chowdhury – The Insiders View: Memoirs of a Public Servant –  (Amazon)
  • Mahesh Prasad – No Minister: Memoirs of a Civil Servant –  (Amazon)
  • Robin Gupta – And What Remains in the End : The Memoirs of an Unrepentant Civil Servant –  (Amazon)

# Feel free to suggest any book that you think should be in above list or omitted!!

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