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Books for RAS Mains Examination English Medium

This Page lists Books in English Medium for preparation of RAS Mains Examination. For easier understanding, RAS Mains books have been listed section-wise as per syllabus of RPSC. These books can be used as reference for self-study for mains exams.

RAS Mains Books for GS Paper I

Unit I: History

Part A: History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of Rajasthan

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFBooks by RajRAS:
1. Ancient History of Rajasthan
2. Important Dynasties of Rajasthan
3. Modern History of Rajasthan (1707 – 1947)
4. Literature, Art, Architecture, Culture and Heritage of Rajasthan
5. Historical Battles in Rajasthan
Hard CopyR.B.D – History, Culture & Art of Rajasthan – Amazon

Part B: Indian History & Culture

Type Book Name
Ancient History
EBook / PDFNCERT: Ancient History of India by R. S. Sharma
Hard Copy
Medieval History
EBook / PDFNCERT: Medieval History by Satish Chandra
Hard Copy
Modern History
EBook / PDFNCERT: Modern History by Bipin Chandra
Hard CopySpectrum – A brief history of Modern India
Post Independence
EBook / PDF
Hard CopyBipin Chandra’s – India Since Independence
or Ram Chandra Guha’s – India After Gandhi
India Art & Culture
EBook / PDFRajRAS – Architecture & Culture of India
Hard CopyNitin Singhania – Indian Art & Culture – Amazon

Part C: History of Modern World

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFNCERT: World History by Arjun Dev
Hard CopyB V Rao – History of the Modern World – Amazon

Unit II: Economics

Part A: Indian Economy

Type Book Name
Indian Economic Development
Macro Economics
Hard CopyRamesh Singh – Indian Economy (Buy Latest Edition) – Amazon

Part B: World Economy

TypeBook Name
Hard CopyTBA

Part C: Rajasthan Economy

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFRajRAS:
Economy of Rajasthan
Summary of Economic Review
Hard CopyLaxminarayan Nathuramka – Rajasthan Economy – Amazon

Unit III: Sociology, Management, Accounting & Auditing

Part A: Sociology

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFNCERT: Class XI
Introducing Sociology – Download PDF
Understanding Society – Download PDF
Indian Society – Download PDF
Social Change & Development in India – Download PDF
Hard CopyTBA

Part B: Management

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFRajRAS: Management, Accounting & Auditing
Hard CopyTBA

Part C: Accounting & Auditing

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFRajRAS: Management, Accounting & Auditing
Hard CopyTBA

RAS Mains Books for GS Paper II

Unit I: Administrative Ethics

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFSS Bissa – Ethics in Governance – Download PDF
Hard CopyLexicon/Subba Rao For Administrative Ethics , Integrity & Aptitude – Amazon

Unit II: General Science & Technology

TypeBook Name
Science & Technology
EBook / PDFVision IAS – Download PDF
Hard CopyEnvironment: Shankar IAS Book – See Amazon
Rajasthan Related
Environment of Rajasthan PDF
Rajasthan Agriculture PDF

Unit III: Earth Science (Geography & Geology)

TypeBook Name
Geography of India & World
EBook / PDFNCERTs Class XI & XII
Hard CopyMajid Hussain – Indian and World Geography – Amazon
Geography of Rajasthan
EBook / PDFRajRAS: Geography of Rajasthan PDF
Hard CopyDr. L. R. Bhalla – Geography of Rajasthan – Amazon
Mumal – Maps of Rajasthan (Rajasthan Manchitravali) Hindi Medium but Equally usefulAmazon

RAS Mains Books for GS Paper III

Unit I: Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs

Part A: Indian Political System

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDF
Hard CopyLaxmikant – Indian Polity – Amazon

Part B: Current Affairs

TypeBook Name
National & International Current Affairs:
EBook / PDFVision IAS – Download PDF
Insight IAS – Download PDF
Hard Copy
Rajasthan Current Affairs
EBook / PDFRajasthan Current Affairs 2019 PDF
Rajasthan Current Affairs 2020: Jan-Feb PDF
Rajasthan Current Affairs 2020: March-April PDF

Unit II: Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management

TypeBook Name
Public Administration & Management
Hard CopyNew Horizons of Public Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya
Administration of Rajasthan
EBook / PDFRajRAS: Polity & Administration of Rajasthan
Hard Copy

Unit III: Sports & Yoga, Behaviour and Law

Part A: Sports & Yoga

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFRajRAS:
Sports & Yoga PDF
Hard CopyTBA

Part B: Behaviour

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFRajRAS:
Hard CopyTBA

Part C: Law

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFRajRAS:
Hard CopyTBA

RAS Mains Books for GS Paper IV

Unit I: General Hindi

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFHindi Vyakaran | हिन्दी व्याकरण by RBSE – Download PDF
Hard CopyArihant – Samanya Hindi – Amazon
Or Lucent – Samanya Hindi – Amazon

Unit II: General English

TypeBook Name
EBook / PDFEnglish Grammar eBook (Download)
50 Common Phrases (Download)
Hard CopyWren & Martin (Amazon: Book, Key)
Essential English Grammar (Amazon)
Compulsory English – Amazon

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Books for Preliminary RAS Examination:

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