Government Schemes in India

Government Schemes in India explained

Government Schemes in India | The different ministries in India come up with different schemes to highlight & focus on particular area, which is significantly lacking than its counter-parts. Accordingly, depending on ministries these schemes can be central, or any state specific or a joint collaboration of both center & state.

Please Read: Classification of Government Schemes in India to understand how Government Schemes in India are classified.

Government Schemes in India

Currently, Government Schemes in India (all the schemes) can be classified into following major types:

1. Centrally Sponsored Schemes

(Funded both by Centre & States) | Currently, there are 29 centrally sponsored schemes. These are divided into following broad categories:

  • Core of the core schemes ( 6 Schemes)
  • Core schemes (29 Schemes). 
  • Optional Schemes

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2. Central Sector Schemes

(Funded & executed directly by Centre) | These are second type of central welfare schemes being funded & implemented by centre directly. The different Union Ministries & departments are the executing agencies in these schemes. #Giveaway, you can identify some of them by their name example Pradhan Mantri abc yojana. Of Course, this is not a rule. 

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3. State Government Schemes

(Funded & executed solely by States) | These schemes are planned, funded & executed by the respective State Governments. #Giveaway, you can identify some of them by their name example chief minister abc  yojana. Of Course, this is not a rule.

Government Schemes in any State

Consequently, government schemes in any particular State (say Rajasthan) can be of any of the above types. We have made an attempt for Rajasthan and you can find here – Government Schemes in Rajasthan.

Difference between Centrally Sponsored Scheme & Central Sector Scheme

Centrally Sponsored SchemeCentral Sector Scheme
They are jointly funded by the Centre and states.They are funded entirely by Union Government
Centrally Sponsored Schemes are implemented by the statesCentral Sector Schemes are implemented by Center directly.
The mainly cover items listed in states list.Central sector schemes are mainly formulated on subjects from the Union List.


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