Why choose Jawai leopard Safari Camp for luxury stay?

jawai leopard Safari camp

Jawai leopard safari camp is a place where you can find the finest glamping tents that are spacious and equipped with every modern amenity. Moreover, this is a resort property that is resolute to bring you closer to this land, it gives the most thrilling safari experience with the help of rangers who are aware of every single inch of this region. Jawai is a place that gives you a chance to see leopards, birds, crocodiles and many other animals in a perfectly picturesque setting that a river and a range of hills in its backdrop. 

With all these characteristics, Jawai becomes a place that can be explored tirelessly. This is a place that gives you a mix of wildlife and panoramic beauty of nature that you can never get bored of. Jawai leopard safari camp makes sure that you could explore this region even in a very brief time. And you don’t have to necessarily plan a tour for 2 or 3 days to do that, even if you are coming for one day, we guarantee that we will make the most of your time. Other than the geographical attributes, there are some other factors that make this region and our resort the best option for you for a quick getaway or even a long holiday.

1. Well-Connected Road

If you talk about road connectivity, Jawai is very well-connected to all the major cities of Rajasthan where you can easily reach from any city across the nation. If you are coming from Jaipur, then you can take NH58 or NH48, via these highways, you will be reaching Jawai in 7hr 15mins covering a distance of 392.6km and 8hrs 33mins covering 459.3 km respectively. And if you want to curtail the distance then you can take an alternate route that goes through Pindwara Rd via Beawar, this route will take 6hrs 30mins approximately. 

If you are coming from Jodhpur, then you can simply take the NH62 and reach Jawai in 2hours 42mins covering a distance of 156.6 km. Those who are coming from Udaipur can take the NH27 and reach Jawai in 2hrs 36mins covering the distance of 121.3 km. And in case you are coming from Mount Abi, then you can again take the NH27 and reach your destination in 2hrs 18mins covering a distance of 100.2km. If you are planning a trip from Delhi, Ahmedabad or Mumbai, then there are plenty of trains that directly reach Jawai Bandh, you can refer to this article for more information. 

2. Luxury Camp Stay

When you are coming to a resort property for a leisure trip, you try to make your stay as lavish as possible and we make this possible for you. At our property, you get to stay in the luxury glamping tents that help you get familiar with the arboreal environment while not losing the comforts that you are used to. Our aim is to redefine luxury and we do it with nothing but the best when you stay with us, you feel the pleasure to its most. With plush bedding, spacious rooms and all the modern amenities, we deliver the best experience to you.

3. Adventurous Leopard Safari

If you have already enjoyed safari rides in the forest areas of India and think that it would be the same in Jawai, then you are utterly wrong. In Jawai, you don’t see dense forests like all the other wildlife reserves. Here, you get to enjoy the rides over the hills and get to see the beauty of the entire without any intrusion of trees. You get to go to the top of the hills as there are temples set amidst the rocks where you can easily ascend using the steps. You can see the leopards come out of the caves and leaping from one place to another. You also get to see sloth bears, white fox, hyenas, nilgai, jungle cats, crocodiles, and several species of birds here. 

4. Rajasthani Food

Staying in the middle of the jungle doesn’t mean that won’t get to eat the delicacies they serve in ritzy restaurants in big cities. The Rajasthani food is known for being spicy and the inclusion of multiple grains, lentils, and dairy products. When we serve food to our guests, we ensure that you get the taste of this land without any hint of adulteration. From Dal Baati to Laal Maas, you get to taste every delicacy at its best and we ensure that you enjoy your meal with a stunning ambiance. Our aim is to deliver a great dine-in experience and we make it possible great culinary skills and immaculate services.

5. Pickup and Drop facility

In case you are unfamiliar with the routes and do not want to go through the ordeals of picking a taxi or bus, then you can book the pick-up or drop service with us while making a reservation. We can pick you from any airport and take you directly to our resort, for this particular service, we have deployed the finest SUVs and Sedans that ensure that your journey is comfortable and you reach your destination safely. 

With Jawai leopard safari camp, you can get a perfect experience of adventure and luxury both. Our tents are made for exceeding the expectations of our guests and the safari we provide has been tailored to give you the most thrilling moments of your life. We are resolute to make your tour memorable and do not leave a stone unturned to make it possible. If you planning a tour to Jawai, then give us a chance to serve and we promise that you won’t get disappointed.


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