P. Sainath on Farm Bills 2020

P Sainath suggestions on farm bills 2020

P. Sainath is the founder editor of the People’s Archive of Rural India and former rural affairs editor of The Hindu. Following are remarks of P Sainath on Farm bills 2020:

On APMC Committees: P Sainath compares Agriculture Product Marketing Committees (APMC) role in agriculture similar to that of government schools in education. He says “though APMC have their own set of drawbacks & shortcomings and alike government schools suffer from poor infrastructure & provide less quality service, these are the bed-rock for millions. Like government schools are the only choice for millions of kids, similar is the case of APMC for farmers.”

Suggestion on Farms bills 2020:

On question of what is to be included, P Sainath provides 4 point suggestions on Farm Bills 2020:

  1. The Minimum Selling Price (MSP) as calculated based on Swaminathan Committee. 
  2. No transaction between any party (farmer & trader, company, government etc) is allowed below MSP.
  3. Procurement guaranteed by government.
  4. Cancel farmer debts, without cancelling farmer debts, farmer income cannot be doubled.

Farm Bills 2020:

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