Ethical Thinkers

Here you will find Ethical Thinkers PYQS arranged Topic wise Gandhian Ethics​गांधी का नीतिशास्त्र 2021 Necessarily related, means cannot be separated from ends. Therefore, both must be auspicious for real and lasting success. Explain the above comment in the context of Gandhian ethics ?अनिवार्यतः सम्बन्धित होने के कारण साधनों को साध्य से पृथक नहीं किया …

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Ethical Concepts

Here you will find Ethical Concept PYQS arranged Topic wise Ethics and Human Valuesनीतिशास्त्र एवं मानवीय मूल्य 2021 What do you understand by ethical dilemmas ?नैतिक द्वन्द्ध सेआप क्या समझते हैं ? 2 M 2018 What do you understand by emotional intelligence ?संवेगात्मक बुद्धिमत्ता से आप क्‍या समझते हैं ? 2 M 2016 What is …

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Account and Audit PYQs

Here You Will Find Account and Audit PYQS Arranged Topic Wise Responsibility and Social Accountingउत्तरदायित्व और सामाजिक लेखांकन 2021 Mention four types of responsibility centres with reference to Responsibility Accounting ?उत्तरदायित्व लेखांकन के संदर्भ में चार उत्तदोहरा लेखा प्रणाली का सामान्य ज्ञान ? What are compound journal entries ?मिश्रित जर्नल प्रविष्टियाँ क्‍या हैं ? Explain …

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Management PYQs

Here You Will Find MANAGEMENT PYQs Arranged Topic Wise Modern concept of Marketing, Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Place and Promotion; Supply Chain Management, Logistics Mix; E-Commerce and E-Marketingविपणन की आधुनिक अवधारणा, विपणन मिश्रण – उत्पाद, मूल्य, स्थान और संवर्धन, आपूर्ति श्रंखला प्रबंधन, प्रचालन तंत्र, इ-वाणिज्य, इ-विपणन 2021 Define Supply Chain Management ?आपूर्ति श्रृंखला प्रबंधन (एस.सी.एम.) …

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15 April 2024 RAS Mains Answer Writing

Click here to download the schedule – English Medium | Hindi Medium Subject – Administrative Ethics Topic -Ethics and Human Values: Lessons from lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers, and administrators, Role of family, society, and educational institutions in inculcating values For Hindi medium – Click here Indian History PYQs – Click Here Click …

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