Committees & Panels: 2016

Committees & Panels can  be part of Preliminary Question Paper as a Match of the following or Who head What committee and on What topics.

S. No Committee/ Chairman By / On
1 R. M Lodha Committee By Supreme Court- On BCCI
2 TSR Subramanian Committee Environmental Laws
3 TSR Subramnayam New Education Ploicy
4 Bibek Debroy Committee Mobilization of Resources for Major Railway Projects and Restructuring of Railway Ministry and Railway Board
5 Sam PitrodaCommittee modernization of Indian Railways
6 B N Navalawala Committee Task Force On – Interlinking of Rivers
7 Sri B.S. Baswan Expert Committee Civil Service Examination -UPSC
8 Tapan Roy Committee Amendments to Companies Act , 2013
9 Shyam Benegal Panel Panel – on Censor Board
10 Ramanujam Committee Obsolete Laws
11 Ajay Shankar Committee Review Functioning of PPP Cell
12 Scientist Raghunath Anant Mashelkar panel: Recommend best technologies for   Ã’Swachh BharatÓ national sanitation campaign.
13 Justice M B Shah committee Black Money
14 Prof. NR Madhava Menon Panel : Guidelines for regulating expenditure and content of advertisement in govt. adds
15 B B Tandon Committee monitor government advertisements in accordance with SC directions
16 Divakar Reddy Panel Parliamentary panel’s report on the Consumer Protection Bill 2015
17 Anand Desai Committee Specific Relief Act, 1963
18 H R Nagendra Committee Yoga Education in Universities
19 Kamlesh Chandra panel Gramin dak Sevaks
20 Mirza Imtiyaz Judicial Commission Mathura Violence
21 DB Shekatkar Committee Defence Spending
22 Vijay Kelkar Committee 2002- Direct & Indirect Taxes
23 Raja Chelliah Committee Reforming IndiaÕs tax system
24 R V Easwar Committee Simplify income tax laws
25 Deepak Mohanty Committee Medium term path to financial inclusion
26 Suresh Prabhu Committee: Review Gas Pricing Formula
27 G N Bajpai Committee: Guidelines for national pension system (NPS) schemes in private sector.
28 T.K. Vishwanathan committee: To provide Bankruptcy code for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
29 K.V. Kamath panel: to examine the financial architecture for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.
30 N K Singh Committee Recommendations on FRBM roadmap
31 Arvind Pangariya Committee Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Corridor
32 Akhilesh Ranjan Committee Taxation of E-CommerceÊ
Banking Committees:
1 A.R Khandelwal Committee HR issues of Public Sector Banks
2 B. D. Thakar Committee Job Criteria in bank Loans
3 A Ghosh Committee Frauds & malpractises in banks
4 Vipin Malik Committee Consolidated Accounting by Banks
5 James Raj Committee Functioning of Public Sector Banks
6 LC Gupta Committee: Financial Derivatives
7 AK Bhuchar Committee: Coordination Between Term Lending Institutions And Commercial Banks.
8 R. Jilani Committe Inspection System in Banks
9 Goiporia Committee: Customer Service In Banks
10 Bhide Committee: Coordination Between Commercial Banks And SFCÕs
11 SS Nadkarni Committee: Trading In Public Sector Banks
12 Godwala Committee: Rural Finance
13 ML Dantwala Committee: Regional Rural Banks
14 Venketaiya Committee: Review Of Rural Financing System
15 Tandon Committee: Follow Up Of Bank Credit
16 DR Gadgil Committee: Agricultural Finance
17 Gopalakrishna Committee: Capacity Building in Banks and non-Banks
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