8 June RAS Mains Answer Writing

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SUBJECT – Concepts, Issues and Dynamics of Public Administration and Management

TOPIC – State Human Rights Commission, State Election Commission, Lokayukta, Rajasthan Public Service Commission | Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act, 2011, Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act, 2012

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Q1 Write about the appointment procedure and service conditions of the State Human Rights Commission.2M


SHRC : under Sec. 21 of Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993; Functional from March 2000

Q2 What are the appeal mechanisms available in the Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act, 2012? 5M


The Rajasthan government implemented the Right to Hearing Act on 1 August 2012, with the aim of providing a time-bound hearing and disposal of complaints. 

Public Hearing Officer (PHO): The PHO is tasked with disposing of complaints within 15 days. If a complaint is rejected, reasons must be provided in writing. Additionally, decisions on complaints must be communicated within 7 days.

First Appellate Authority: Individuals who haven’t been heard or are dissatisfied with the PHO’s decision can appeal to the first appellate authority within 30 days. Appeals filed after 30 days may be considered with valid reasons. The first appellate authority is expected to decide on appeals within 21 days.

Second Appellate Authority: A second appeal can be made to the second appellate authority within thirty days from the decision of the first appellate authority. Appeals filed later may be considered with sufficient cause. 

  • The second appellate authority has the power to order the PHO or the first appellate authority to provide a hearing or dispose of the appeal within specified time limits, or reject the appeal.

The second appellate authority may impose a penalty on the PHO ranging from five hundred rupees to five thousand rupees.

Q3 Suggest measures for the effective implementation of the Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act, 2011, and the Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act, 2012. 10M


The Rajasthan Public Services Guarantee Act, 2011 guarantees over 300 services across 27 departments. The Right to Hearing Act, 2012 ensures time-bound hearings and complaint resolutions. However, even after more than a decade of implementation, their performance in improving public service delivery has been suboptimal.

Measures for Effective Implementation:

  • Appellate Officers: Appoint Sub Divisional Officer, Assistant Director, Public Services, District Collector, and Divisional Commissioner as second appeal officers instead of departmental officers.
  • Broaden the Inspection System
    • Establishing criteria for inspecting offices of appellate officers, Deputy Directors, and higher departmental headquarters officers.
    • Defining criteria for inspections by district-level officers, ADMs, CEO ZP, SDMs, etc.
    • Implementing periodic grievance redressal verification by evaluation department officials
  • Regular review and monitoring system: 
    • Weekly review of cases registered online and offline by DMs and SDMs.
    • Weekly review by departmental district officers
    • Monthly review at the department head level and at the secretary level of the administrative department.
  • Citizen Charter and Job chart: Under the RGDPS Act, the provision of notification of Citizen charter and Job Chart should be included and displayed on the portal.
  • Portal Integration: Integrate Sampark Portal with the proposed RGDPS Portal.
  • Social Audit: Conduct audits through SSAAT constituted under the Finance Department.
  • Formation of Public Service Delivery Guarantee Commission at the state level
  • Help Centers: Establish at village/ward level for grievance redressal.
  • Automatic Forwarding: Non-delivered service applications to be forwarded to higher authorities automatically.
  • Increase the penalty range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 20000 from the current Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000.
  • Early adoption of Rajasthan Transparency and Social Accountability Bill (RTSAB)
    • In 2019, a committee chaired by former state election commission Ram Lubhaya was formed to advise on drafting the Social Accountability Bill
  • Publicity: Use newspapers, TV, radio, hoardings, etc., for awareness.
  • Training: Provide training for designated officers and appeal officers.

These measures will enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency in public service delivery and grievance redressal, thereby fulfilling the objectives of the RGDPS Act, 2011, and the Rajasthan RTH Act, 2012.

Q4 Write a paragraph on any one of the following in approximately 200 words.  [RAS Mains 2018] 
Travelling helps build personality 


 Travelling helps build personality 

Many people love to travel. The desire to see other cities and countries is a great chance to expand your personality.As a rule, many people experience constant discomfort due to responsibility or many daily tasks. This negatively affects their personality. Think about how you feel when you find yourself in an interesting place. Chances are, you will get curiosity every step of the way. New streets will be a place of accumulation of exciting quests for you, which must be completed.Any tourist learns to live in the moment and appreciate what is happening in real-time. Do not forget that each person has only one life. Appreciate what you see and the people you communicate with. Travelling will help you realise this and enjoy new places. This is especially important for students who are stressed by assignments.Valuing Experiences-Here’s another thing that can have a positive effect on your personality. Travelling helps people to appreciate the experience they get when visiting another city or country. Everyone’s life is made up of moments and experiences. Only you decide what memories will remain with you at the end of the journey. This is why travelling will help you appreciate experiences.Broadening Perspectives-Take a look at how other people live and how it differs from your beliefs. As a rule, travel helps realise that a person is only a part of a vast world. We are all like pieces of one puzzle, which is something holistic and important. Travelling will help you appreciate nature and the people around you. It is an opportunity to understand the values ​​and traditions of other nations.Feeling Inspired Traveling can affect everyone’s personality. Many people feel inspired when visiting new places. Such sensations are important not only for artists or musicians but also for those who want to enjoy life. The daily routine can affect people’s emotional state and destroy them inside. Traveling helps to understand that there is more than going to college or boring office work.Conscientiousness-Here’s another aspect that can affect everyone’s personality. Travelling to different countries, you will encounter the peculiarities of local traditions or legislation.Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone-Your personality will not improve if you stay in your comfort zone. People create artificial barriers to avoid stress or make mistakes. But how correct is that? Experience is the best you can get from travel. Many activities will help you understand that the world does not end outside your home. There are tons of amazing places and locations.

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