1807: Battle of Parbatsar – Battle for Princess of Mewar

Battle of Parbatsar, Krishna Kumari of Mewar

In 1807, a series of battles took place in Rajasthan, with Jodhpur, Marathas & Pindaris on one side and Mewar, Jaipur on other. The battles result in huge losses on both sides and ended with princess of Mewar committing suicide.

Background of Battle of Parbatsar:

Raja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur was engaged with princess Krishna kumari of Mewar. However, before the marriage could be solemnised Raja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur passed away. Krishna Kumari’s father,Bhim Singh, ruler of Mewar now decided to marry Krishna Kumari to Raja Jagat Singh of Jaipur.

However, on Bhim Singh’s death, Man Singh became the ruler of jodhpur in 1803. He argued that princess Krishna Kumari was to be married to ruler of jodhpur and since he is the ruler of Jodhpur now, so princess Krishna kumari should be married to him. Krishna Kumari thus became the object of rivalry between Jaggat Singh of Jaipur  and Raja Man of Marwar.

Battle of Parbatsar 1807

The preposition by Man Singh did not go well with Jagat Singh of Jaipur and he along with Thakur Sawai Singh of Pokaran and Surat Singh of  Bikaner  attacked Jodhpur. A short battle ensued at Parbatsar, border of states of Jodhpur and Jaipur but Man Singh was betrayed by his generals and he was forced to retreat to the Jodhpur Fort. The armies of Jaipur & allies marched into Jodhpur and Mehrangarh was besieged for six months. But the great fort did not give way. Surrounded by foes from all four sides, Man Singh sough help of Pindari’s and concluded a treaty with their leader Amir Khan. As a result,  Amir Khan came to Udaipur with a message that either the princess be married only to Man Singh, or be put to death. Amir Khan also threatened the Maharana that, if the proposal were not accepted, he himself would plunder Mewar.

Maharana Bhim Singh asked Daulat Singh of Karjali to kill Princess Krishna Kumari with his dagger. Daulat Singh was so angered by this proposal that he rebuked the Maharana, saying that whoever gave such an inhuman order should have his tongue cut out. It is said when Rajkumari committed suicide when shed found out that because of her, lakhs of people lives were going at stake. However, another story conveys that after Daulat Khan refused, the task came upon ladies of Mewar and when she was given poison , first three cups had no effect and finally a cup of Opium was prepared which made her go to sleep, never to wake up. Bhim Singh turned her Mahal into a shrine, dedicating it to the memory of her courage. A daughter of Mewar was thus forced to commit suicide.

After threatening Mewar, Amir Khan with a force of 60,000 Pindaris marched to Jaipur. Amir Khan forces started looting Jaipur and Jagat Singh was forced to call back his army.

Consequences of Battle of Parbatsar

Maharaja Man Singh was successful in defeating the combined army and Maharaja Jagat Singh of Jaipur had to pay a sum of Rs. 2,00,000 to secure his safe passage.  In honour of Man Singh’s victory over Jaipur the Jai Pol, or victory gate was built in the fort in 1808.

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