Rajput Rebellion – 1708

Rajput Rebellion of 1708

The three Rajput Raja’s of Amber, Udaipur and Jodhpur made a joint resistance to the Mughals. The alliance defeated and expelled the Mughals from Rajputana. Bahadur Shah I was forced to sign truce with Rajputana restoring Ajit Singh and Jai Singh to the Mughal Service. Background of the Rebellion: Bahadur Shah I had dethorned Ajit …

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Battle of Gangwana: 1741

The Battle of Gangwana was fought between the Kingdom of Marwar and combined armies of Jaipur and the Mughals in 1741. The battle resulted in a peace treaty favorable to Marwar and ended a period of Jaipur domination in Rajputana. Background of Battle of Gangwana In 1739, Nadir Shah invaded & sacked Delhi, which considerably …

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Rathore Rulers of Barmer

In earlier times, Barmer was known by the name “Mallinath” (मल्लिनाथ) after Mallinath, the son of Rao Salkha. Mallinath is considered a God and still worshiped by Rajputs. The area around the “Luni” river was called “Malani” or “मलानी”, derived from the name Mallinath. In the 18th century, British rulers adopted the name Barmer or …

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