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Historical Places of Baran

important historical places in Baran shergarh fort

This article briefly describes the important historical places of Baran: Shahbad Fort Shahabad fort is one of the strongest fort in Hadoti area. It is located at about 80 km. from Baran. Shahbad fort was constructed by the Chauhan Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev in the 1521 A.D. (Samvat 1577). This is situated in the …

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Rulers of Udaipur

Rulers of Udaipur | Mewar

The present city of Udaipur was founded in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II as a new capital of the Mewar kingdom. Rana’s before Rana Udai Singh II appear in genealogy of Chittorgarh, as Chittorgarh was the previous seat of Government. Both Chittorgarh & Udaipur form part of State of Mewar. The subsequent rulers of Mewar, …

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Rajasthan During Mahajanpada Period

The term “Janapada” literally means the foothold of a tribe, in Pāṇini’s “Ashtadhyayi”, Janapada stands for country. The Pre-Buddhist north-west region of the Indian sub-continent was divided into several Janapadas demarcated from each other by boundaries. Each of these Janapadas was named after the Kshatriya tribe (or the Kshatriya Jana) who had settled therein. Ancient Buddhist …

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PDF: Modern History of Rajasthan

Modern History of Rajasthan PDF Notes

The PDF Modern History of Rajasthan enlists the important topics in history of Rajasthan during the modern period (1700- 1947). This book deals with only political, administrative and economical aspects of Rajasthan during 1700-1947 and cultural aspects have been covered under the Literature, Art, Architecture, Culture & Heritage of Rajasthan. Modern History of Rajasthan PDF …

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