Rulers of Udaipur

Rulers of Udaipur | Mewar

The present city of Udaipur was founded in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II as a new capital of the Mewar kingdom. Rana’s before Rana Udai Singh II appear in genealogy of Chittorgarh, as Chittorgarh was the previous seat of Government. Both Chittorgarh & Udaipur form part of State of Mewar. The subsequent rulers of Mewar, when seat of government was Udaipur are mentioned as rulers of Udaipur in chronology as under:

Udai Singh II (1540–1572)

  • 1540, he was crowned in Kumbhalgarh by the nobles of Mewar.
  • Maharana Pratap born in same year (9th May-1540)
  • In 1562, he gave refuge to Baz Bahadur of Malwa. Using this as a pretext, Akbar attacked Mewar in October 1563.
  • 1567, Siege of Chittorgarh
    • Udai Singh retired to Gogunda.
    • Rao Jaimal & Patta – fought with Valor – even Akbar impressed – statute erected at Fatehpur Sikri
    • Jauhar- 3rd Jauhar of chitter (1568)
  • Founded city of Udaipur.

Maharana Pratap (9th May 1540 – 29 Jan 1597)

  • Pratap Jayanti, is celebrated annually on the 3rd day of the Jyestha Shukla.
  • 1576-Akbar deputed Man Singh I against Maharana Pratap – 18 June 1576- Battle of Haldighati – Pratap defeated.
  • Slowly, Pratap recovered many of the territories , made Chavand
  • Tod, the famous British antiquarian, gave Pratap the title of ‘Leonidas of Rajasthan’.
  • 1582 – Battle of Dewair

Amar Singh I (1597-1620)

  • Born 1559, same year as Udaipur foundation laid by Udai Singh.
  • Amar Singh fought with Jehangir
  • 2nd Battle of Dewair – showed great bravery – killed commander sultan.
  • Finally, made peace with Jehangir – treaty negotiated by Shah Jehan – Amar Singh was relieved of making in person presence to Mughal court.

Karan Singh II (1620–1628)

Jagat Singh I (1628–1652)

  • Made jag Mandir in Lake Pichola

Raj Singh I (1652–1680)

Jai Singh (1680–1698)

  • Assisted father Raj Singh in battle of Udaipur
  • Treaty with Aurangzeb
  • Made Lake Jaisamand

Amar Singh II (1698–1710)

  • Sangram Singh II (1710–1734)
  • Jagat Singh II (1734–1751)
  • Pratap Singh II (1751–1754)
  • Raj Singh II (1754–1762)
  • Ari Singh II (1762–1772)
  • Hamir Singh II (1772–1778)
  • Bhim Singh (1778–1828)
  • Jawan Singh (1828–1838)

Shambhu Singh (1861–1874)

  • Adopted son of Maharana Swarup Singh
  • He was the first to set up a school for girls and thus promoted opportunities of education for everyone.
  • He enforced special measures to curb the Sati pratha

Sajjan Singh (1874–1884)

  • Cousin – was adopted by Maharana Shambhu Singh.

Fateh Singh (1884–1930)

  • Adopted by Sajjan Singh
  • Built Cannuaght dam on Lake Dewali – now named FatehSagar
  • Built Fateh Prakash Palace in Chittorgarh fort
  • Only Maharaja to not attend the Delhi Durbar, both of 1903 and 1911.

Bhupal Singh (1930–1947)

  • On 28 July 1921, following some social unrest in Mewar, Fateh Singh was formally deposed – Bhupal Singh made ruler.
  • On 18 April 1948 he became Rajpramukh of Rajasthan and from 1 April 1949 his title was raised to Maha Rajpramukh.

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