1582: Battle of Dewair

Battle of Dewair

In 1582, On the occasion of Dashehra (Vijaydashmi), Maharana Pratap attacked Dewair. In the consequential battle of Dewair the Mughals were defeated resulting in the flight of the Mughal soldiers, surrender of about 36,000 mughal soldiers & the closing of all the 36 Mughal posts in Mewar.

Background of Battle of Dewair

Following the Battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap was left with 7,000 soldiers and Mughals captured Kumbhalgarh, Gogunda, Udaipur & Chappan. In such condition, Pratap changed his strategy from open to guerrilla warfare and did not allow Mughals to settle.

To suppress Pratap, Akbar had to send 6 massive military campaigns consisting not less than 1,00,000 soldiers each time.

  • 1577: Bhagwabdas, Mansing alongwith Sayed Hashim, Sayed Kashim, Shahbazz Khan etc
  • 1578: Shabaz Khan alongwith Kazi Khan Badkashi, Mansing, Bhagwandas etc.
  • 1579: Again Shabaz Khan (Third time attacked Mewad)and others
  • 1580: Rahim Khankhna (Ajmer) and others.

However, each of these were unsuccessful in capturing Pratap. When Maharana was facing shortage of funds, his minister Bhamashah, whose family held the office for ages, placed at Pratap’s disposal their accumulated wealth, which with other resources, is stated to have been equivalent to maintenance of 25,000 men for 12 years. Thus name of Bhamashah got preserved as saviour of Mewar. With such help from Bhamashah, Maharana  was able to arrange a new army of 40,000 soldiers and planned a major attack.

Battle of Dewair

In 1582, on the occasion of Dashehra, Maharana Pratap motivated his soldiers to fight back and make Mewar independent once again . Accordingly Mewar army was divided under two groups: One under Maharana Pratap and other under Kunwar Amar Singh & Battle of Dewair was fought.

Col. Tod has famously remarked on Maharana Pratap’s battles from Haldighati till Dewair into “Huldighat (Haldighati) is the Thermopylae of Mewar ; the field of Deweir(Dewair) her Marathon” comparing the courage, determination, undaunted heroism, inflexible fortitude of Maharana Pratap to Spartans famous of their fight against the Persian empire.

Consequence of Battle of Dewair

Maharana Pratap secured the decisive victory in Battle of Dewair and it resulted in permanent closure of 36 Mughal check posts in Mewar.  Additionallyclose to 36,000 Mughal soldiers surrendered. Maharana Pratap continued his fight against the Mughal empire and soon was able to recover all of Mewar except Chittor, Ajmer and Mandalgarh.

Akbar continued to send his campaign against Pratap, but as before, all were unsuccessful.

  • 1584: Jagannath Kachwaah and others.
  • After disappointment from Shabaz Khan for third time, and other chieftains like Man singh, Bhagwandas. Finally, Akbar himself arrived in Mewar to suppress Maharana Pratap. But after trying relentlessly for 6 months, returned to Agra.
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