Rajasthan Through the Ages

Rajasthan Through the Ages

Rajasthan Through The Ages, are series of books describing the history, culture, heritage, administration etc – transformation of Rajasthan through the ages. However, as we found out, there are actually two series of books with the same title. One published by archives directorate of Rajasthan & other by Sarup & Sons.

Rajasthan Through the Ages:Published by Archives directorate of Rajasthan

This series of 3 books is published by Archives Directorate of Rajasthan:

  • Volume I: From earliest times to 1316 A.D. – written by Dr. Dashrath Sharma.
  • Volume II: From 1300 to 1761 A.D. – written by Dr. Gopinath Sharma.
  • Volume III: From 1761 to 1949 A.D. – was written by M.S. Jain.

Rajasthan Through the Ages: Published by Sarup & Sons

This series of 5 books is published by Sarup & Sons and written by  R.K. Gupta and S.R. Bakshi. The five volumes are:

  • Volume 1: The Heritage of Rajputs.
  • Volume 2: Rajputs: Society, Culture and Administration.
  • Volume 3: Rajput Chivalry and Martyrdom.
  • Volume 4: Jaipur Rulers and Administration. (Read PDF)
  • Volume 5: Marwar and British Administration (Read PDF)


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