RBSE Rajasthan Adhyayan Books in English

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Like NCERT’s, RBSE Rajasthan Adhyayan Books are equally useful of RAS & Other Rajasthan based public services exam preparation. The Rajasthan Adhyayan Books are published by Rajasthan State Text Book Board. There are 4 parts of books available, one for each class 9,10, 11 & 12.

Why should one read these old Rajasthan Adhyayan Books ?

Since, a lot many books & online sources of information are available, one basic question often arises in minds of aspirants, as is it necessary to read Rajasthan Adhyayan Books ?

The answer is simple, while all other books are written for examination, RBSE Rajasthan Adhyayan books have been prepared for class 9 to 12th students, hence, their style is such that it is very easy to grasp & understand. Consequently, they are covered in very less time & provide a basic foundation for complex topics & information.

Additionally, English medium aspirants, seldom read Hindi books on topics, so these books serve as an handy source for Hindi vocabulary improvement.

Rajasthan Adhyayan Books in English Medium

Some of these books are also available in English Medium, however, PDF’s are not available and one has to purchase hard-copy. 

S.No.Book NameBuy
1Rajasthan Adhyan – Part 1Buy from Amazon
2Rajasthan Adhyan – Part 2Buy from Amazon
3Rajasthan Adhyan – Part 3Buy from Amazon
4Rajasthan Adhyan – Part 4Buy from Amazon

How to Download RBSE Rajasthan Adhyayan Books PDF

1Class IX Rajasthan Adhyayan Bhag I Download PDF
2Class XRajasthan Adhyayan Bhag II Download PDF
3Class XIRajasthan Adhyayan Bhag III Download PDF
4Class XIIRajasthan Adhyayan Bhag IV Download PDF
Note: PDF’s are available only in Hindi Medium

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