Yoga Asanas for Concentration

Sports-Yoga India Rajasthan RAS Mains GS Paper 3 (1)


Concentrated Gazing

Trataka is a kriya which is performed for cleansing and strengthening the eyes. In this kriya, eyes are focussed on a particular object which could be a flame of a lamp or a burning candle or a point.

This is done without blinking the eyes till the eyes get tired or start watering.


Eagle posture  

This asana is named after the well-known bird Garuda (eagle). In this asana, the hands with arms placed in front look like the beak of an eagle.


Go means ‘cow’ and mukha means ‘mouth’ or ‘face’. In this asana, the position of legs look like the face of cow, hence, it is called Gomukhasana.


Lion Posture

In Sanskrit Simha means ‘lion’. In this asana, the face with open mouth and tongue stretched out towards the chin resembles the fierce look of a lion, hence, it is called Simhasana.


Frog Posture

Manduka, a Sanskrit word means ‘frog’. In this asana, the final posture resembles the shape of a frog. Hence, it is named Mandukasana.


Stretched up Frog Posture

Uttana means ‘upright’ or ‘stretched up’ and manduka means ‘frog’. In final position of this asana, the body looks like a stretched up or upright frog, hence, it is called Uttana- mandukasana.


Cockerel Posture

This is called Kukkutasana because this asana imitates the posture of a cock. This is a balancing posture, therefore, it should be practised with caution. Before taking up this practice, one must have sufficient practice of Padmasana.

Other Asanas to improve contentration

  • Bhujangasana 
  • Tadasana
  • Katichakrasana
  • Ardhamatsyendrasan
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