Lantana shrub poses threat to Sajjangarh sanctuary

Lantana Shrub Threat in Sajjangarh WLS

The Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary  in Udaipur is facing a threat from the invasive toxic species of Lantana shrub. The weed has rapidly spread over an area of around 200 hectares in the sanctuary which sprawls in an area of 519.61 hectares.


What is Latana Shrub

The foliage and ripe berries of the lantana shrub contain toxic substances which affect cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Lantana spread rapidly & obstructs the pathway of wild animals and doesn’t allow grass species to grow which in turn affects the availability of food for the wild animals. This results in fodder scarcity and migration or decline of herbivores. This can lead to starvation of leopards and other carnivores at the top of the food chain.


What is the Department Doing ?

To arrest its growth, which is feared to be very fast after receiving favourable conditions like rains, the forest department has embarked on a drive to remove the bushes before formation and shedding of seeds.

  • Featured Image – Representational Image of Lantana Growth & not an actual picture of Sajjangarh WLS.
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