5 percent MBC Reservation in Rajasthan Judicial Service

MBC Reservation in Rajasthan Judicial Services

According to the NEWS in TOI, the Rajasthan government has approved 5 percent MBC Reservation in Rajasthan Judicial Service. The state government has amended the Rajasthan Judicial Service Rules, 2010, through the state cabinet on the initiative by chief minister Ashok Gehlot to provide 5 percent reservation in place of 1 percent.

Candidates belonging to the most backward classes have been demanding amendment in the judicial service rules for a long time so that they can get five per cent reservation in the state judicial service instead of 1 percent.

Rajasthan Government provides 5% MBC & 10% EWS reservation in Rajasthan Judicial Services

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MBC Reservation in Rajasthan

In February 2019, the Gehlot government passed the Rajasthan Backward Classes Amendment Act-2019 paving the way for a 5 percent reservation for the community. With the passage of this bill, five castes including Gurjar, Gadiya, Luhar, Banjara, Rebari, and Raika which were previously classified as OBC, have now been classified as MBC (Most Backward Classes).

While the bill was challenged, in April 2019, the Supreme Court refused to stay the reservation saying that it won’t interfere in the interim order of the High Court.

MBC Reservation in Rajasthan Judicial Service

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