Chandrabhaga river of Odisha

After KS Valdiya chaired Expert Panel recently confirmed the existence of the mythical Saraswati river in India’s North-West, scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur now claim they have found evidence of the ‘lost’ river of Odisha – Chandrabhaga.
Facts from Report:

  • The ancient river of Chandrabhaga is believed to have existed at a distance of about two km from the 13th century Sun Temple at Konark, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Odisha.
  • Satellite imagery and Google Earth image showed a “sinusoidal” trace, characteristic of a typical “palaeo channel” — remnant of an inactive river — passing north of the Sun Temple extending approximately parallel to the coast.
  • The existence of a palaeo channel was further corroborated through profiling the surface using “ground-penetrating radar” that showed the existence of a V-shaped subsurface river valley.
  • Imagery from Landsat and Terra satellites of the US and those obtained by NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour’s ‘Radar Topography Mission’ in 2000 were also used.


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