1568: Siege of Ranthambore by Akbar

1568 siege ranthambore

Emboldened by his victory in siege of chittorgarh, Akbar lead a massive Mughal Army and besieged Ranthambore Fort. After being besieged for more than a month Rao Surjan Hada eventually surrendered.


In 1558, Akbar laid his first siege of Ranthambore. However, there was a rebellion in Gwalior and Akbar had to abandon the siege. After successful Mughal victories around Rajputana and the fall  of Chittorgarh, Akbar decided to capture Ranthambore Fort, which was considered one of the strongest  & impregnable fortress at that time.

Ranthambore fort was under the command of Rao Surjan Hada (Bundi State).

1568: Siege of Ranthambore:

The Siege of Ranthambore began in February 8, 1568 with elite Mughal force of 5,000 capturing an 8-mile circumference around Ranthambore Fort. Akbar then led an army of more than 30,000 Mughals  along with cannons and started using them against the fort.

Rao Surjan Hada was demoralized by Akbar’s victory during the Siege of Chittorgarh but refused to surrender at first. However, soon realizing the lost cause, Rao Surjan Hada finally surrendered to suzerainty of Akbar on  March 21, 1568.


Akbar appointed Mehtar Khan as the commander of the Mughal garrison at Ranthambore Fort. Rao Surjan Hada was sent to Bundi and gives him Mansabdari in Mughal army with the tittle of Rao Raja.

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