Maratha in Rajasthan

Maratha in Rajasthan

The Rajput were first exposed to Maratha’s during the time when Aurangzeb sent Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur & Jai Singh of Amer were sent to Deccan to subdue Shivaji. They failed in the process but admired Shivaji’s spirit for independence, his concern for preserving Hindu culture and his fight against all odds with Aurangzeb. However, …

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1568: Siege of Ranthambore by Akbar

1568 siege ranthambore

Emboldened by his victory in siege of chittorgarh, Akbar lead a massive Mughal Army and besieged Ranthambore Fort. After being besieged for more than a month Rao Surjan Hada eventually surrendered. Background: In 1558, Akbar laid his first siege of Ranthambore. However, there was a rebellion in Gwalior and Akbar had to abandon the siege. After successful Mughal victories around Rajputana and the fall  of …

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Bundi Festival 2016- Bundi Utsav

The Bundi Festival is celebrated every year in the month of Kartik (November) and is a remarkable cluster of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship. The three day festival is being celebrated from 17 November, this year. Bundi Utsav is organized by Rajasthan State Tourism Department and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the state through various events. …

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Rulers of Hadoti: Bundi

During ancient times, the area around Bundi was inhabited by various local tribes majority group belonging to Meena. Bundi is said to derive its name from a former Meena tribe chief called Bunda Meena. Bundi was previously called “Bunda-Ka-Nal”, Nal meaning “narrow ways”. Later, the region was acquired by Rao Deva Hada, who took over Bundi …

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