Summary Rajasthan Economic Review 2019-20 PDF

Summary Economic Review of Rajasthan 2019-20

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About the book:

This PDF contains the Summary of Rajasthan Economic Review 2019-20 published in February, 2020. The book has been published keeping in mind the upcoming Rajasthan Government Recruitment Examination that ask for Rajasthan Current GK and Government related affairs.

This is not an official book, but a study aid released for aspirants preparing for RAS & Other Rajasthan based competition exams.

Note: Rajasthan Economic Review is available free of cost by GoR. You can download it from: Here

Importance of Summary Book in RAS Examination

In last RAS 2018 Pre Examination, 6 Questions came directly from Rajasthan Economic Review. As the focus of examination shifts more to current affairs related questions in subject matters like economy, the relevance of Rajasthan Economic Review will increase. Also, the Economic Review is the only authentic source of government schemes & recent initiatives taken. The data from economic review can add relevance to the answers one writes in RAS Mains.

Considering the importance of Economic Review in RAS & other examinations, we carryout a summary of this book, to weed out unnecessary data & to contextualize information in a lucid manner. However, there is no compulsion to purchase the summary book as one can get the Economic Review Free of cost.

Rajasthan Economic Review is available free of cost by GoR. You can download it from: Here

Contents of Summary PDF:

The Economic Review 2019-20, presents the recent trends and prospects of State’s economy. Rajasthan Economic Review 2019-20 comprises of 11 chapters that provide a comprehensive view of the current socio-economic status of Rajasthan, covering all the sectors.

  • 01: Macro-Economic Aggregates
  • 02: Agriculture & Allied Sector
  • 03: Rural Development & Panchayati Raj
  • 04: Industrial Development
  • 05: Physical Infrastructure
  • 06: The Growing Service Sector
  • 07. Urbanisation & Urban Development
  • 08. Basic Social Services
  • 09. Other Social Services.
  • 10. State Finance & O.R. for Development
  • 11. Sustainable Development Goals.

Pages 146


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