Rajasthan Budget 2016: Snapshot

We shall begin by Macro Level Snapshot of Rajasthan Budget 2016-17.
Budget 2016-17

S. No Parameter Formula & Value
1 Revenue Deficit Revenue Expenditure – Revenue Expenditure
106000 – 112000 Crore
– 6000 Crore
Exact = -5600 Crore
2 Budgetary Deficit Revenue A/c Deficit + Capital A/C Deficit
(Revenue Receipt- Revenue Expenditure) + (Capital Receipt – Capital Expenditure)
(-6) +(+5) 000 Crore
Exact= 1946 Crore
3 Fiscal Deficit Non Debt Receipt – Total expenditure
-67000 Crore
4 Primary Deficit Fiscal Deficit – Interest Payment
1 Kyunki Right Side wale saare data negative aa rahe hain isliye left wale columns mein “Deficit” Word add kar diya gaya hain
2 Agar Revnue Minus Capital..etc Positive aata toh “Deficit” Ki jagah “Surplous” word add kar dete bas
3 Fiscal Deficit mein non-debt recipt matlab Rajasthan Government ko received paisa but wo kisi se loan(udhar) na liya gaya ho. Budget is basically Account in/out. When govt. takes loan then also money is received but we have to pay in future. Fiscal deficit takes into account such situtaion and here on debt recipt is only taken into consideration.
4 Effect of Uday in budget is 43000 Crore. That is govt. has taken loan of about 43000 croroe to finance discom loan.

Now, we shall start analysis of  Rajasthan State Government Receipts

The Total Receipts can be bifurcated into two 2 types:( Total Receipt = Revenue Receipt + Capital Receipt)
A. Revenue Receipt (106000  Crore)
B. Capital Receipt. ( 73000 Crore)
A. Revenue Receipt:
A.1. State Tax Revenue (45000 Crore)
a. Sales tax (29000Cr)
b. State Excise Tax (6000 Cr)
c. Stamps & Registration (3400 Cr)
d. Taxes on Vehicles ( 3300 Cr)
e. Electricity Duty ( 2000 Cr)
f. Other (1000Cr)
g. Land Revenue (300Cr)
A.2. Share in Central Taxes (27000 Cr)
a. Corporation Tax ( 8700 Cr)
b. Income Tax (6000 Cr)
c. Service Tax (4800 Cr)
d. Custom Duty (4400 Cr)
e. Union Excise duty (3700 Cr)
A.3. Non-Tax Revenue (11000 Cr)
a. Other (9900Cr)
b. Interest (1800 Cr)
c. Dividends
A.4 Grant-in-Aid (21000Cr) 
Hence, Total Revenue Receipt Sum = 106000 Cr.
B. Capital Receipt (73000 Cr)
B.1. Internal Debt (61000Cr)
a. Debt for Uday (43000 Cr)
B.2. Net Public Account (6700 Cr)
B.3. Loan Central Government (4300 Cr)
B4. Recovery of Loan  & Advances (1400 Cr)
B.5. Contingency Fund (0)
Hence, Total Capital Receipts = 73000 Cr
Therefore, total receipt = (Revenue receipt + Capital receipt) = 106+73 (000) = 180,000 Cr.

Now, we shall begin analysis for Expenditure

Expenditure= (Revenue expenditure + Capital expenditure).
A. Revenue Expenditure
B. Capital Expenditure
A. Revenue Expenditure: (112,000 Cr)
A.1. Non-Plan Expenditure (76,000+ Cr)
a. General Services (30,000 Cr)
b. Social Services (28,000 Cr)
c. Economic Services (16,000 Cr)
A.2 Plan Expenditure (35,000 Cr)
a. General Services (7,000 Cr)
b. Social Services (17,000 Cr)
c. Economic Services (17,000 Cr)
Hence, Total Revenue Expenditure Sum = 112,000 Cr.( Approximation)
B. Capital Expenditure ( 68,000Cr)
A. 1 Non-Plan Expenditure (104 Cr)
A.2 Plan Expenditure (23,000 Cr)
A.3 Public Debt ( 4800 Cr)
A.4 Loan & Advances ( 40,000 Cr)
Hence, Total Capital Expenditure Sum = 68,000 Cr.
Therefore, Total Expenditure = (Revenue Expenditure + Capital Expenditure) = 112+68 (000) = 180,000 Cr.

  • Note: Only Major headers are considered. So summation might not be exact mathematically.
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