Rajasthan planning for post-Covid-19 care clinic at each district HQs

Coronavirus in Rajasthan | COVID 19| Corona Virus in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government is planning to set up post-Covid-19 care clinics & wards at each district headquarters for patients, who have recovered from the disease in the state of Rajasthan.

In a circular, the state’s principal secretary (health), Akhil Arora, cited “recent trends” and said it is learnt that patients, who recover from Covid-19, suffer from “stress symptoms”, which remain for a while. “Looking at this, at every district headquarter, post-Covid clinics for counselling and Covid wards/ICU [intensive Care Units] for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from post-Covid symptoms will be set up.”

He said post-Covid recovery, patients may face issues like respiratory stress, mental trauma, transitory diabetes, cardiac, kidney, pancreatic issues and body fatigue.

The circular has directed principals of medical colleges and chief medical health officers that the patients and their relatives should be told about stress symptoms and to approach post-Covid clinics for check-ups or dial the 181 help-line for counselling.

The clinics will be operational from 9 am to 7 pm, and a doctor (medicine), psychologist, and Ayush doctor, who has knowledge of Yoga and respiratory exercises, will be available there.

Vitals of patients such as temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse, and oxygen level will be checked at the clinics. If required, patients can be immediately admitted to post-Covid wards.

Raman Sharma, a doctor, said around 10% of patients may suffer from the post-Covid syndrome, which is also called long Covid. Such patients after recovery can face reoccurrence or residual symptoms such as coughing, generalized aches and pains, fatigue, fever or psychiatric problems.

Some patients, who have recovered, may also suffer from lungs fibrosis, particularly those above 65, and severe pneumonia, etc.

Sharma said post-Covid clinic and wards will be helpful for those with the post-Covid syndrome.

Till October 25, as many as 167,000 of 186,000 Covid-19 patients have recovered in the state while over 1,800 people have died. There are over 16,000 active corona-virus cases in Rajasthan.

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