Pollution in Luni River

Luni River in Rajasthan

The rain-fed Luni river, which used to be a boon for Balotara, Samdadi, Siwana, Sindhari, Gudamalani tehsil in Barmer district, is now ruining these places. The polluted water in the river has spoiled the drinking water in a large number of wells and fertile lands are becoming barren.

The polluted water in the river is adding to the worries of the farmers in many villages, as the water has started reaching to Samdadi and many areas in Barmer district. Till a few years ago, monsoon waters used to replenish the Luni river, which was like a lifeline to the people of Barmer district and used to bring prosperity. However, fatal, chemically polluted water discarded into the river by the textile industries in Balotara, Pali and Jodhpur districts has ruined the river.

The chemical effluents of the textile units functioning in Jodhpur and Pali districts are discharged into Bandi river, which eventually merges into the Luni river, the rain-fed river passing from Barmer district, near Samdadi and it has reached Samdadi tehsil. During monsoon, under the shield of rains, the chemically polluted water from CETP plant and textile units in Pali and Balotara are discharged into the river.

This has also caused another problem. The polluted river water then seeps into the ground and as a result, groundwater is getting polluted in many areas and the land is turning infertile for cultivation consequently. The polluted water from Bandi river merging with the Luni river has polluted the water in agriculture wells in the 22-km area along the river in Samdadi tehsil area. The polluted water is adversely affecting soil quality and thus agriculture for the last 40 years, but the government has not made any special efforts to stop the menace. From Samdadi tehsil to the last point of Luni river that is Kutch ki Khadi, the river has become polluted, adding to the issue.

Pradushan Nivaran evum Paryavaran Sanrakshan Samiti Balotara secretary Om Prakash Soni said that when the farmers came to know about the damage due to the chemical pollution, they struggled to stop the chemical pollution into the river and to revive the river, but no government has made any concrete plans for the conservation of the river.

On the other hand, a worker from Samdadi Sunil Dave said that during monsoon, factories release chemical water in the river in Pali, which with rainwater reaches Samdadi. From Rampura area in Samdadi up to 22km, the Luni river is polluted and is directly affecting the wells and groundwater. The water in the wells in many villages including Rampura, Godo ka wada, Mahesh Nagar Ajeet, Bhanawas, Charano ka Vada, Samdadi, Karmavas etc is not in a condition to drink and it cannot be used for irrigation as well. The farmers are worried and agriculture is getting affected adversely.

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