Rajasthan Current Affairs Quiz: October 1

Rajasthan Current Affairs Quiz for October 1:
Q1. Recently, Rajasthan Signed agreement for promotion of tourism with which country?

  • A. U.S
  • B. Australia
  • C. Singapore
  • D. Malaysia

[toggle] C. Singapore
The Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong visited Rajasthan on a two-day trip. Important agreements were signed on Tourism and Urban Infrastructure.[/toggle]
Q2.  Centre for Excellence in Tourism Training has been launched recently at?

  • A. Jaipur
  • B. Udaipur
  • C. Jodhpur
  • D. Jhalawar

[toggle] B. Udaipur
PM Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, inaugurated Centre of Excellence for Tourism Training in Udaipur.CETT aims to produce chefs and front office staff, and the first batch will be graduating next year.[/toggle]
Q3. Jaisalmer Fort is also famous as Sonar Quila. Who among the following wrote detective novel “Sonar Quila” based on the fort.

  • A. Satyajit Ray
  • B. Vikram Chandra
  • C. Ratan Lal Basu
  • D. Amit Chaudhari

[toggle]A. Satyajit Ray
The famous Indian film director Satyajit Ray wrote the Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress), a detective novel, based on the fort and he later filmed it here. [/toggle]
Q4. Who is the Chief Justice of Rajasthan?

  • A. Kamala Kant Verma
  • B. S.K. Mittal
  • C. Naveen Sinha
  • D. Amitava Roy

[toggle] C. Navin Sinha
Naveen Sinha is the Chief Justice of Rajasthan. The first Chief Justice was Kamala Kant Verma. [/toggle]
Q.5 Which District of Rajasthan has been recently placed among top 10  cleanest districts in plains?

  • A. Jaipur
  • B. Udaipur
  • C. Kota
  • D. Churu

[toggle] D. Churu
According to the first-ever survey of rural areas across the country, Churu has been placed among the top 10 cleanest districts in plains. The survey was conducted by Quality Council of India (QCI) on behalf of the sanitation ministry covering nearly 70,000 household across 2,530 villages.[/toggle]

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