RAS Mains Questions from Sociology

RAS Mains Questions from Sociology (1)

This Page lists Previous Years & Mock Practise questions from Sociology (GS Paper I: Unit III) for RAS Mains. As you can check from below:

  • There are usually 7 questions from sociology, with Five questions of 2 marks & Two questions of 5 marks.
  • Additionally, most of the 2 mark questions are direct & definition based.

Previous Year RAS Mains Questions from Sociology

RAS Mains 2018:

  1. What is De-Sanskritization ? (2 marks)
  2. What is ‘Simantonnayan Sanskar’ ? (2 marks)
  3. Caste is an endogamous group. How ? (2 marks)
  4. What is social thought ? (2 marks)
  5. What is “Sagari Custom Prohibition Act ? (2 marks)
  6. What are the changes brought by secularization in religion ? (5 marks)
  7. What are the Constitutional efforts to solve the problems of tribes in Rajasthan ? (5 marks)

RAS Mains 2016:

  1. Name 4 classical Indian sociologist who made pioneering contributions to Indian Sociology ? (2 marks)
  2. How is caste traditionally associated with division of labor in the society ? (2 marks)
  3. What do you mean by process of Sanskritization ? (2 Marks)
  4. What do you understand by Child Marriage ? (2 Marks)
  5. Identify four major problems that tribals of Rajasthan are facing ? (2 Marks)
  6. Describe the characteristics of caste given by G.S. Ghurye ? (5 Marks – 50 Words)
  7. Explain the social consequences of terrorism ? (5 Marks – 50 Words)

RAS Mains 2013:

  1. Throw the light on concept of “Rina” in Indian tradition (5 marks)

Mock Practise Questions from Sociology

5 Marks:

  1. Short note on Indological perspective of GS Ghurye.
  2. Examine utility and limitations of indological source material to understand Indian society.
  3. Why is it Important to Separate Religion from the State?

2 Marks:

1. What is Secularism ?

Secularism is the belief that no one should be discriminated on the basis of the religion he or she practises. Every citizen, irrespective of the religion he or she follows, is equal in the eyes of the laws and policies that govern the Nation.

2. Name the major religions practiced in Rajasthan

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