RAS Mains

RAS Mains Questions on Geography

RAS Mains Questions on Geography

This Page lists Questions on Geography (Earth Science) in two sections. The first section contains questions that have been asked by RPSC in previous RAS Mains Examination and the second section lists important questions that one can answer to practise knowledge on the subject of Public Administration. Previous Years RAS Mains: Questions on Geography RAS …

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Personality: Concept & Definitions

In popular usage, the word personality is something akin to attractiveness, charm of charisma.  It  generally refers to the physical or external appearance of an individual and is often understood in terms of social attractiveness. The literal meaning of personality is derived from the Latin word persona, the mask used by actors in the Roman …

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Howard Gardner: Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Garner

Howard Gardner claimed that most previous conceptualisations of intelligence had been too narrowly based. He argued that evidence from several different sources (e.g. cross-cultural accounts of cognition, studies of exceptional groups, psychometric data, and psychological training studies) pointed to the existence of several intelligences. According to Gardner, intelligence is much more than IQ because a …

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