March 2020: AIR NEWS Jaipur

April 2020: AIR NEWS Jaipur

This Post will list our daily NEWS bulletin by All India Radio (AIR), Jaipur Regional Center. Each of the bulletin is around 10 minutes long and summaries important news items/ announcements relevant to state in a summary fashion. These are audio bulletin and you can hear them while having a walk, or while travelling (activities where reading from book is infeasible). This will also help you keep a tab on current activities without much effort. The same post will list out NEWS bulletins for the complete month, hence, you can just bookmark the page and followup as per your schedule. This page lists: March 2020: AIR NEWS from Jaipur

March 2020: AIR NEWS


  • The clips are in Hindi Language.
  • Duration of each NEWS bulletin: 10 Mins
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