Leverage Edu Reviews Kunming Medical University

Leverage Edu Reviews Kunming Medical University

The pain of every medical aspirant of getting into a prestigious medical university is nerve-racking. On an average about 3-5% of students get into government medical institutions, the rest are left with the option of getting into private medical colleges or looking for MBBS options abroad.

Among the options of studying abroad, China is a prime choice. The medical degrees from Chinese Universities are Medical Council of India approved. Leverage Edu reviews China as one of the best countries to study MBBS abroad.

Leverage Edu Reviews on Kunming Medical University

Kunming Medical University is one of the largest specialized medical university for scientific research, medical education, and medical services. Kunming Medical University is one of the top Universities of China for MBBS. Over 80,000 students have studied at the university since its inception. They have 3 campuses and 60 foreign scholars from across the globe.

Kunming Medical University comprises of over 17 schools along with 12 affiliated hospitals and over 70 practice sites for providing a practical environment for students and secure studies.

Leverage Edu Reviews Why You Should Study MBBS in Kunming Medical University

Kunming Medical University is one of the rarest Universities approved by the Medical Council of India as well as the World Health Organisation. The University has 3 campuses occupying over 100 hectares of land and is equipped with all modern technologies.

Kunming Medical University Medical library has been appointed as a central sharing library network of national literature, Yunnan. Kunming Medical University has won over 800 scientific research awards on national and provincial levels. The University is also the first-class repository of China’s academic and medical literature. Kunming Medical University is also appointed as the only centre for national medicine trial clinic in the region.

For Indians who want to pursue medicine at affordable fees, Kunming Medical University is the right place for you. The main feature of Kunming Medical University is that English is the primary language for studying in both laboratories and hospitals.

By using advanced technologies and methods Kunming Medical University is researching the region’s most commonly experienced diseases.

Kunming Medical University is executing various stages of scientific research including applied research, basic research and developmental research on different specialties and varied subjects.

Kunming Medical University is leading the sector of health and provincial medicine.

It has earned amazing accomplishments in the sector of International exchange program.

Kunming Medical University comprises of 12 affiliated hospitals with over 10,000 beds and 70 practice areas, which provide for practical learnings and better stability.

Seven affiliated hospitals of Kunming Medical University are accredited as level-A tertiary general hospitals of China. The first hospital of Kunming Medical University is the largest general hospital across the region with over 3,000 entries per day.

Kunming Medical University’s second associated hospital is among the 100 best hospitals of China, and is also the centre for organ transplant and burn treatment in the whole region. The third hospital of the university is the largest centre for cancer research and treatment in the region.

Leverage Edu Reviews Kunming Medical University Hostel

Kunming Medical University provides hostel accommodation to international students. The dormitories are fully furnished with a sense of hotel-style execution for better living standards. Facilities of double and suite rooms are available for International students.

The electricity bills and other expenses are not included in the hostel fee. Off renting is not allowed without the permission of the university.

The University has been aggregated by the World Health Organisation and is among the top universities from around the world.

Kunming Medical University provides Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate programs with a wide variety of courses and specialties.

One of the great features of Kunming Medical University eligibility criteria is that the candidate needs to get 50% in all subjects, which is quite easy as compared to Universities eligibility criteria here in India.

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