Indian Missile System

S.No Missiles Launch Mode Version Range Speed Propulsion WarHead Guidance System Use
A Ballistic
Prithvi (Short) Surface to Surface Prithvi-I SS-150
A1 Prithvi-II SS-250 single-stage liquid-fuelled
Prithvi-III SS-350 Two Stage: Solid-Liquid
Dhanush (Naval) 350 Con/Nuc
Agni (Med- Interconinental) Surface to Surface Agni – I       (MRBM) 700-1250 Single Solid Nuc Ring laser gyro-INS (inertial navigation system), optionally augmented by GPS terminal guidance
Agni – II       ( IRBM) 2000-3000 2Stage= Solid
Agni – III     ( IRBM) 3500-5000 2Stage= Solid
A2 Agni – IV     ( IRBM) 3000-4000 2Stage= Solid
Agni – V       ( ICBM) 5000-8000 3Stage:3Solid 3rd Composite
Agni – VI     ( ICBM) 8000-10000 3Stage
A3 Trishul Surface to air Short
A4 Akash (Medium) Surface to Air 30 Mach 2.5 ramjet propulsion system Conv Army & Air Force
A5 Astra Air-Air 20-80km Mach4 Sukhoi
Nag Anti tank Namica(Land) 0.5-4 230 m/s Tandem solid Propulsion wire guided ,IR , & millimetric wave (mmW) active radar homing version
Helina 7 infra-red Helicopter launched Nag
K-Family( Submarine Lnchd Blistc Misile) K-15 (Sagarika) 750-1500 Arihant class submarine
K-4 I 3500
k-4 II 5000
K-5 6000 Solid Fuel
B Cruise
1 Brahmos 290 Subsonic (2-3Mach) 2 Stage: Solid & 2. Liquid ramjet Conventional (200-300Kgs) Army & Navy
2 Brahmos II Hypersonic(5 Mach)
3 Brahmos III Land-Land
C Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme
1 Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) High Altitude (50-80Km) Pradyumna Interceptor 800-2000 Mach5+ 2Stage: Solid & Liquid Intertial navigation system
2 Advanced Air Defence (AAD) Low Altitude (30Km) Ashwin Interceptor Mach 4.5 Single Stage : Solid Fuelled Inertial navigation system
D Naval Defence System
1 Barak S-to-A Barak-8 Long range Ind+Israel: Use I Army
2 Barak-1 ship-borne point-defense missile system against aircraft, anti-ship missiles, and UAVs.
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