Mobile Phone Technologies

The different mobile technology words Glossary:

  • GSM is combination of FDMA ( frequency divison multiple access) & ( TMDA) Time division multiple access.
  • CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access
  • WCDMA : wide band – CDMA.
    • IT is 3G technology that increases data transmission rates in GSM systems by using the CDMA air interface instead of TDMA.
    • WCDMA is based on CDMA and is the technology used in UMTS.
    • WCDMA was adopted as a standard by the ITU under the name “IMT-2000 direct spread
  • UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System is the third generation (3G) successor to the second generation GSM based cellular technologies which also include GPRS, and EDGE.
  • Wimax : Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access . 40 Mbps , 50 Km
  • LTE : Long term Evolution
  • MIMO: multiple-input and multiple-output , Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access(OFDMA)
  • While 3G is defined by ITU as IMT-2000, IMT-Advanced is being studied by ITU as 4G. IMT is now used as the generic name for 3G and 4G.


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