Current Affairs: August 1

Current Affairs 1 August                                                                                                                                             
Includes: Current Affairs 31 July (Sunday)                                          

  • Strategic Forces Command (SFC) exempted from RTI
  • A notification issued by Union Government said the Strategy Forces Command was being brought under sub-section (2) of Section 24 of the RTI. Hence, SFC has been added to Second Schedule of the Right to Information Act (RTI), 2005.
  • The Section 24 of the RTI exempts security and intelligence establishments from its purview and so from now on, RTI will also not be applicable for SFC.
  • Second Schedule: Includes 26 intelligence and security agencies, which are exempted from RTI.
  • What is Strategic Forces Command (SFC)?
    • SFC is part of National Command Authority (NCA), and is responsible for the management and administration of the country’s tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.
    • Created: January 4, 2003.
    • Why: To operationalize directives given by NCA.
    • Headed by a Commander-in-Chief of the rank of Air Marshal.
      • First Commander-in-Chief of SFC: Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana.
      • Current: Lieutenant General Amit Sharma
  • The Nuclear Command Authority (NCA)
    • NCA is the authority responsible for command, control and operational decisions regarding India’s nuclear weapons program.
    • NCA is made-up of two councils Political Council & Executive Council
    • Political Council, Chaired by PM & advised by Executive Council.
      • Political Council can authorize use of Nuclear Weapons.
    • Executive Council, Chaired by National Security Advisor (NSA).
      • It directs Strategic Forces Command (SFC).
      • NCA has been created to ensure that the nuclear weapons are under civilian control (elected government).

  • 30 July: World Day against Trafficking in Persons
  • Why? To increase awareness against Human trafficking
  • In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) had designated July 30 as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons by adopting resolution A/RES/68/192.
  • Indian Constitution:
    • Fundamental Right: Article 23 – Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour
  • North-East Rain & floods- 37 lakh displaced:
  • Blood supply improves, but India still faces a shortfall of 10 per centhuman blood
  • Facts from NEWS
    • Positive Extreme: Delhi has surplus Bloods availability of 233%
    • Negative Extreme: Bihar: 85% Shortage
    • There are total of 2708 blood banks in India, however, 81 districts spread across 17 States do not have a blood bank
  • Human Blood Facts:
    • Consists of blood cells suspended in blood Plasma.
    • Blood cells include: RBC, WBC & blood Platelets.
    • Blood makes up about 7 percent of your body’s weight.
    • Main Protein in Blood: Albumin
    • blood donate

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