Chief Minister’s 7 Point Programme for Empowerment of Women

Empowerment of women is possible only if it is based on a life cycle approach. CM’s Seven Point Programme was launched during the year 2009-10. This programme based on life cycle of women. Efforts are being made to provide education, health, fear free and safe environment economic security etc. to women. This programme is focused on:

  • Safe Motherhood
  • Reduction in IMR
  • Population Stabilization
  • Prevention of child marriages
  • Retention of girls at least upto class X
  • Providing security and safe environment to women
  • Economic empowerment by providing self- employment opportunities through the Self Help Group Programme.

This programme aims at all round development of women and it is being implemented with joint efforts of Health Department, Women & Child Development (WCD), Education Department and Home Department etc. For the annual plan 2018-19, an expenditure of ₹20.35 lakh has been made against revised provision ₹30 lakh.

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