Sanjha Abhiyaan – Bal Vivaah Mukt Rajasthan

Early marriage results in early pregnancy there by affecting girl’s health and other important development parameters. The focus of this programme is to prevent child marriages and provide appropriate environment for girl’s education and their development. A special campaign, “Sanjha Abhiyaan-Bal Vivaah Mukt Rajasthan” has been launched for joint efforts against child marriages and to generate public awareness on the issue of child marriage.

Massage for prohibition of child marriages is being spread through Abhiyan Rath and various activities like Nukkad Natak, Abhiyan Geet, Sankalp against Balvivah, rallies in identified 14 districts where child marriages are highly prevalent.

Campaigning against Balvivah has been done in various gram panchayats of Dausa, Jaipur, Bundi and Rajsamand Districts through Abhiyan Rath and various activities.

A state strategy and Action plan has been prepared and is being implemented with the support of various departments, civil society organisations, NGO’s, UNICEF, UNFPA and various stake holders for making Rajasthan child marriage free. The important strategies are as follows:-

  1. Change community norms, patriarchal mindsets and societal beliefs that drive child marriages.
  2. Design district specific strategy.
  3. Improve legal policy environment.
  4. Increase access to safe and quality education for adolescent
  5. Provide access to quality health, nutrition and reproductive health services.
  6. Build avenues for economic development and livelihood.
  7. Empower adolescent girls and boys with comprehensive and appropriate information, life skills and increase access to services.
  8. Strengthen the data management system.
  9. Sensitization and orientation of various stake holders on the issue of child marriage.

During the year 2018-19, 525 Child marriages have been prevented through counseling.

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