Battle of Khatoli

In 1518, Rana Sanga, ruler of Mewar defeated Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi Sultanate in battle of Khatoli.


Background of Battle of Khatoli:

In 1517, Ibrahim Lodi became the Sultan of Delhi after death of his father Sikander lodi. By this time, Rana Sanga had extended his kingdom of mewar right up to western Uttar Pradesh and threatened to attack Agra. When news of Rana Sanga’s encroachments reached upon sultan, he prepared an army and marched against mewar.


Battle of Khatoli:

In 1517, the armies of Mewar & Sultanate met near the village of Khatoli, situated on the borders of Hadoti (Haraoti). Lodi’s army could not stand the onslaught of the Rajputs, and was defeated after a fight lasting just two pahars (5 hours). Ibrahim Lodi was taken prisoner by  Rana Sanga.


Result of Battle:

Ibrahim Lodi was held prisoner by Rana Sanga and was released after a few days on payment of a ransom. There was a rebellion by Islam Khan against Lodi which occupied his immediate attention.However, he carefully nursed his desire to avenge Maharana Sanga for the defeat in Battle of Khatoli.


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