Battle of Mahoba: 1182: Prithvi Raj vs Chandela

Battle of Mahoba

In 1182, Prithvi Raja III of Chouhan dynasty defeated Paradidev (Parmadi) of Chandella dynasty in battle of Mahoba.

Background of Battle of Mahoba

While Muhammad Ghori was over-running Multan and Uchch, Prithviraj III known as Prithviraj Chauhan ascended the throne of Ajmer. In 1182 A.D. serious differences arose between Parmala and king Prithviraj who gave an ultimatum laying certain conditions to be fulfilled by Parmala or to surrender.

Battle of Mahoba

Prthiviraj marched against the Chandela Empire and made seize of Mahoba. Soon, he captured Mahoba despite the brave fight put-up by the Banafer brothers: Alha and Udal. Brahmajit, Udal and the two sons of Jaichand were killed in the conflict. After his victory, Prithviraj sacked the Chandela capital of Mahoba.

Consequences of Battle of Mahoba

The brave fight given by Chandela ensured that it was not an easy victory for Prithviraj III. Prithviraj also lost a huge force.

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