1562: Battle of Merta: Akbar vs Rao Chandra Sen

Battle of Merta, Jaimal, Jagmal, Marwar, Maldeo

In 1562, Akbar with the help of Rajas from Bikaner and Amer defeated Rao Chandra Sen in Battle of Merta and advanced towards Jodhpur.

Background of the Battle of Merta

In 1557, Battle of Harmada, the forces of Rao Maldeo defeated forces of Udai Singh of Mewar and Merta was captured and assigned to Maldeo’s trusted chief Jagmal. Rao Maldeo Rathore, broke the Rajput tradition of primogeniture (eldest son takes his father seat) and named his third son Rao Chandra Sen as his successor. Chandrasen Rathore crowned himself in the capital Jodhpur and ousted his elder brother, Rao Udai Singh (Marwar).

1562: Battle of Merta

As per Nainsi, in 1562, Jaimal of Merta (brother of Jagmal), presented himself at Sambhar and sought his help against Maldeo. Interested in taking advantage of these internal situation, emperor Akbar responded favourably to request of Jaimal and appointed Sharifuddin Husain Mirza along with Jaimal and Lonkarn Shekhawat to march against Rao jagmal.

The city was captured and was given back to Rao Jaimal.


Jaimal became the governor of Merta under Sharifuddin Husain Mirza. But soon, Mirza revolted against Akbar and created disorder in the region of Ajmer and Nagaur. Akbar sent an army under the command of Hussain Quli Khan-i- Jahan who successfully suppressed the rebellion and brought Ajmer and Nagaur under imperial control.

The fort of Merta which Jaimal held with the approval of Mirza Sharifuddin was transferred again back of Jagmal. Jaimal was dethroned and moved to seek refuge with Rana Udai Singh of Mewar.

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