Rao Maldeo

1562: Battle of Merta: Akbar vs Rao Chandra Sen

Battle of Merta, Jaimal, Jagmal, Marwar, Maldeo

In 1562, Akbar with the help of Rajas from Bikaner and Amer defeated Rao Chandra Sen in Battle of Merta and advanced towards Jodhpur. Background of the Battle of Merta In 1557, Battle of Harmada, the forces of Rao Maldeo defeated forces of Udai Singh of Mewar and Merta was captured and assigned to Maldeo’s trusted chief Jagmal. Rao Maldeo Rathore, broke the Rajput tradition of primogeniture (eldest son …

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1557: Battle of Harmada

Battle of Harmada

In 1557, combined armies of Rao Maldeo of Marwar and Haji Khan Sur attacked and defeated Rao Udai Singh of Mewar in Battle of Harmada ( Harmaro). Background: Battle of Harmada After defeating Rao Maldeo in 1544 at Sammel, Sher Shah marched towards Chittor. Rana Udai Singh realising his inability to defend the fort, surrendered …

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