Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a protected forest area by the Government of Rajasthan in 1979 and is famous for flying squirrel, which can be gliding from one tree to another around sunset in the Arampura forest.

The wildlife sanctuary derives it name from Indian Mythology. According to hindu legends, Valmiki Ashrama from Ramayana, is situated in the same forests and goddess Sita spent her days of exile in this Ashram and gave birth to twins Luv & Kush. There is also a temple of goddess Sita located in the sanctuary.

The topology of the sanctuary is undulating because of the confluence of three different formations — Malwa Plateau, the Vindhyachal Hills and Aravali mountain ranges. Seasonal rivers like Jhakham, Karmoi, Sitamata, Budhho, and Tankiya flowing through the forest.

It is a dense forest area with thick deciduous plantations that include trees like Gulmohar, Sindoor, Rudraksha, Bamboo, Bel, etc. Botanists have spotted 108 medicinal herbs in the sanctuary out of which about 17 are endangered ones.

Flying Squirrels, Four horned antelope, Tree snakes, Tree Frog, Ratal, Indian pangolin ,etc. can be seen here. This Sanctuary is also famous for Four horned Antelopes (Chousinga).

Location map of Sitamata WLS

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Pratapgarh district in South-East region of the Rajasthan.

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