Sajjangarh Biological Park

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary Biological Park

Sajjangarh Biological Park & Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the foothills of Bans-Dahara hills in Udaipur District of Rajasthan. The biological Park is a home for reptiles, tigers, nilgai, sambhar, wild boars, hyenas, panthers, and jackals. The biological park was opened in 2015.

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary encloses 5.2 square kms of area around the Sajjangarh palace. It was declared as protected area in 1987 and has an artificial lake named Jiyan Sagar, which is widely known as “Bari Lake” or “Tiger Lake“. The lake was constructed by Maharana Raj Singhji, the ex-ruler of Mewar, in 1664 AD and was named after Jana Devi, the mother of the Maharana.

The sanctuary is home to sambars, wild boars, chitals, hyenas, jackals, panthers, hares and nilgai.

Location map of Sajjangarh Biological Park

The park is located in Udaipur city.

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