Second Wave of Covid-19 in Rajasthan Expected Mid-December 2020

Coronavirus in Rajasthan | COVID 19| Corona Virus in Rajasthan

Even as state’s current rate of daily covid-19 positive cases has decreased from October 2020, Rajasthan state health minister Shri Raghu Sharma has warned about a Second Wave of Covid-19 in Rajasthan that could hit the state by mid-December 2020.

Previosly, the advisory committee constituted by the state government for Covid-19 has anticipated that cases might increase in December due to increase in concentration of suspended particulate matter in the lower layer of atmosphere due to fog and smog.

As per NEWS published in TOI, health minister Sharma said –

“Experts believe that the second wave of Covid-19 may hit before December 15. People have to be very cautious, wear masks, maintain social distancing and wash hands frequently to be safe. According to experts, there will also be an increase in cases of seasonal diseases such as swine flu, dengue, cold and cough in the winter. If pollution levels rise, corona cases will surge”

“Rajasthan is ready for a second wave of Covid-19. We have sufficient ICU beds, oxygen-supported beds and general beds for Covid patients,” he said. Currently, Covid cases have come down a bit in the state. As a result, the demand for oxygen cylinders too has gone down significantly.

“When cases had peaked, the demand for oxygen cylinders was almost 13,000 per day, but that has now come down to 6,000-7,000,” he said. As the second wave is expected to spread the virus faster, the minister has directed officials to increase the availability of oxygen cylinders to 25,000 per day.”

Views of Expert Panel

As per Dr Virendra Singh, pulmonologist and member of advisory committee constituted by the state government – “In December, the concentration of suspended particulate matter goes up. Recently, there was a hypothesis that higher particulate matter 2.5 are associated with higher morbidity and mortality. In Rajasthan, Jaipur and Jodhpur are the two cities with highest particulate pollution. If this hypothesis holds true, we may have a second peak in December,” and according to health department figures, the pandemic situation is worse in Jaipur and Jodhpur.

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