Rulers of Jhalawar

Jhala Zalim Singh , the dewan of Kota, developed Jhalawar (then Chaoni Umedpura ) as cantonment & township, to isolate Kota from Maratha invaders. In 1838, British rulers separated Jhalawar state from Kota state and gave it to Jhala Madan Singh, grandson of Jhala Zalim Singh.

Rulers of Jhalawar:

  • Madan Singh (1838–1845)
    • 1st independent ruler of Jhalawar.
  • Pirthi Singh (1845–1875)
  • Bakht or Zalim Singh (1875–1897)
  • HH Sh. Bhawani Singh (1897–1929)
  • HH Sh. Rajendra Singh (1929–1943)
  • HH Sh. Harish Chandra (1943-till merger of Jhalawar State in Rajasthan.)
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