12th July: Regulations on Inter-State Movement

Rajasthan Regulations on inter state movement wef 12 July

Considering the rise in cases in Unlock 2, the State Government of Rajasthan on 12th July imposed regulations on inter-state Movement i.e. travelling of people in/out of Rajasthan.

12th July 2020 Order

As per the Government order, it has come to the notice of the State Government that unrestricted movement of people across the State borders has emerged as one of the primary causes of the abovesaid upsurge of cases. Instances have come to light where residents of the State have participated in social gatherings like marriages etc. in the neighbouring States, got infected with COVID-19 and have, in turn, infected many of their contacts, too.

Keeping in view the effective steps taken by the State Government to date, for preventing the spread of COVID-19, and in the interest of public safety, it has become necessary to regulate the inter-State movement of persons. Accordingly, the following directions are hereby issued that shall remain effective until further orders:

Regulations on Inter-State Movement from July 12th

A. Entry from Other States

Movement / Entry of Persons in the State from another State Entry of persons from outside the State shall be regulated as follows:

By International Flights:

  • In accordance with the SOP for movement of Indian Nationals stranded outside the country issued by MHA from time to time.

By Scheduled Domestic Commercial Flights / Train / Bus:

  • Such persons have already been through various safety protocols before boarding. They may be screened again on arrival at the destination airport / railway station / bus stand within Rajasthan.

By Road (private bus/ taxi/ personal transport)

  • Such persons shall be screened at the check post to be established on the border and personal IDs would also be checked.

B. Movement of Persons out of State

1. All persons who are moving outside the State shall be required to obtain a pass for travel outside the State from one of the following offices:

  1. Collector & District Magistrate
  2. Commissioner Police / DCP / District Superintendent of Police
  3. Sub Divisional Magistrate
  4. Dy. Superintendent of Police
  5. Local Police Station

Officers at serial nos. (3) to (5) above shall inform the DM / SP respectively about the passes issued at their level.

2. In addition, a counter shall be set up by the district administration at the airport, railway station and bus stand that may provide on the spot passes after due verification of IDs.
However, persons applying for pass at such counters should reach the airport / railway station / bus stand well in advance before the lime of departure. Screening at such places before boarding shall continue to be done as prescribed earlier.

3. For those travelling outside the State by road (other than by scheduled Bus (RSRTC etc.) screening of persons and verification of pass / IDs etc. shall be ensured at the check posts to be set up at the inter-state border.

4. The following category of persons shall be exempted from the requirement of a pass for travel outside the State, after verification of travel / other documents:

  1. Those who are travelling by Scheduled Flight / Train / RSRTC Bus on July 12th, 2020 with prior reservation.
  2. In case of personal emergency (death, accident in immediate family or immediate rushing for hospitalization), after due verification.

All Collectors / SPs shall immediately put in place the required arrangements for issue of pass, and also for the screening and verification at airport / railway station bus stand, as specified above.

In addition, the Collectors / SPs of the Border Districts shall immediately make arrangements for putting in place the check posts at the borders with the required arrangements for screening / verification for both inward and outbound persons.


  • Rajasthan Government Regulations on Inter-State Movement from 10th June: Download – English PDF | Hindi PDF
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