Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Dhlopur Rajasthan | Kesarbagh Wildlife Sanctuary

Ramsagar wildlife sanctuary , sprawled over an area of 34.40 square kms, was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1955. Ram Sagar lake forms an important portion of the sanctuary.

Ramsagar WLS Wildlife:

Ramsagar wildlife sanctuary has a rich aquatic life, including freshwater crocodiles and a variety of fishes and snakes. The lake is an abode to water birds — cormorants, white-breasted water hen, moor hen, jacanas, river tern, ringed plover, sand piper, and green and purple herons. During winter, migratory ducks and geese visit the lake in good numbers.

Location map of Ramsagar WLS:

Ramsagar is located in dholpur, district of Rajasthan. Another, wildlife sanctuary – Van Vihar WLS is located at about 18 kms from RamSagar.

Nearby Places to Visit:

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