Rajasthan Armed Constabulary RAC

Rajasthan Armed Constabulary RAC

Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC) is one of the organisation wings of Rajasthan Police. It is state para-military force, whose battalions are currently deployed in Rajasthan & Delhi.

Background of Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC) :

Soon after Independence, the law and order situation along the 1040 km Indo-Pak border became a serious problem.  In 1949-50, the duty of guarding the border was handed over to the joint forces of the Central Reserve Police and the Provincial Armed Constabulary, which continued until 1952.

In 1952, the Government of Rajasthan decided to raise a special force that could not only be deployed along the border but also assist the civil police in combating the dacoity menace. This led to the foundation of Rajasthan Armed Constabulary.

The first headquarters and training centre of RAC was established at Bharatpur in 1952 and five battalions received training there.

Initial Phase:

The first 5 battalions of the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary included men, some ex-soldiers drawn from the State forces and some from places outside Rajasthan. Each battalion consisted of 6 companies and one company remained at the battalion headquarters. These battalions were then dispatched to the border areas of Sriganganagar, Raisinghnagar, Barmer, and Jaisalmer. One unit was stationed at Ghat Gate, Jaipur to check dacoity. Within a year of its inception, the RAC proved its worth both on the border and within the State by successfully carrying out its various duties.

The RAC continued as a temporary force until 1958, there after it was made permanent. From that year up to the late 1970’s more battalions of RAC were raised as per the situation and the need.

RAC proves their mettle

India saw two wars with Pakistan and one with China and there was unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, NEFA, as well as Mizoram. RAC battalions were dispatched to these sensitive areas and earned accolades for their courage and efficiency. In 1962, two companies were taken out of each unit and the 6th Battalion was formed. More battalions followed in the subsequent years.

Later, seven of these RAC battalions were merged with the Border Security Force and two with the Central Reserve Police Force. The fifty two years of RAC’s existence have been full of legendary stories, of heroic encounters, of gallant men and their dare devilry. 


The training imparted to the select RAC companies is decided as per requirements. There are 3 companies of RAC, which have drawn expert swimmers from various R.A.C. battalions and are being trained for flood relief work.

Strength of RAC:

As on today 15 battalions of RAC including one special battalion formed by only Ladies Constables Specially trained Unit named Hadi Rani Mahila Battalian and one battalion of MBC are there in the State as Statepara-military force.

Out of these 14 battalions of RAC, 11 battalions are deployed in Rajasthan while 3 are in Delhi.

All units

  • First Battalion – Jodhpur
  • Second Battalion – Kota
  • Third Battalion – Bikaner
  • Fourth Battalion – Jaipur
  • Fifth Battalion – Jaipur
  • Sixth Battalion – Dholpur
  • Seventh Battalion – Bharatpur
  • Eighth Battalion – Delhi
  • Ninth Battalion – Tonk
  • Tenth Battalion – Bikaner
  • Eleventh Battalion – Delhi
  • Twelfth Battalion – Delhi
  • Thirteenth Battalion – Jail Security
  • Fourteenth Battalion – Bharatpur

Mewar Bhil Corps (MBC)

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