Press and Journalism during British Rule

Press and Journalism during British Rule

During the rule of the British East India Company, the Anglo-Indians and Europeans began to publish newspapers and journals. James Augustus Hickey is considered the father of Indian press. He started the Bengal Gazette in the year 1780. Later, powerful newspapers emerged under distinguished and fearless nationalists. The influence of the press extended far beyond its literate subscribers.

In Rajasthan, Ajmer was the main centre. Christian Missionaries established first Litho Press in 1864 in Beawar. It was used to print religious literature, books for missionary schools etc. Some of the important facts about Newspaper during British Rule in Rajasthan:

1879: Sajjan Kirti Sudharak

  • Published from Udaipur by Maharana Sajjan Singh on the inspiration of Dayanand Saraswati.
  • This Hindi weekly publication was official gazette of Mewar.

1885: Rajputana Gazette

  • Published from Ajmer, edited by Maulvi Murad Ali
  • Aim to eliminate sense of fear and expose oppression of people of princely states.

1885: Rajputana Herald

  • Published from Ajmer by Hanuman Singh.
  • Newspaper was published in English and fearlessly exposed the scam of Bandobast.

1885: Rajasthan Times

  • Published from Ajmer by Bakshi Lakshamandas.
  • Exposed the weakness of administration.

1919: Rajasthan Kesari

  • It was published from Wardha, Maharashtra under editorship of Vijay Singh Pathik.
  • Played an important role in peasant movement in Bijoliya.

1920: Tarun Rajasthan

  • Published from Ajmer under the editorship of Ramnarayan Chaudhary and Shobhalal Gupt.
  • Vijay Singh Pathik also expressed his views through the paper.

1922: Naveen Rajasthan

1923: Rajasthan Weekly

  • Published by Rishidatt from Beawar
  • Highlighted problems of people of Udaipur, Jaipur, Hadoti, Jaipur.

1932: Prabhat

  • Edited by Sidhraj Dhadha & Satyadev Vidyalankar, published by Lalit Narayan.
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