Praja Mandal Movement in Rajasthan

Praja Mandal Movement in Rajasthan, Prajamandal, Freedom Movement in princely states

In 1927, the All India States People’s Conference was held in Bombay after which the congress allowed people from different Princely States to join the party and the Indian freedom Struggle . In 1927 itself, the Akhil Bhartiya Desi Rajya Lok Parishad or All India Native States Public Council was established in Bombay and Vijay Singh Pathik became its chairperson. In Rajasthan, Rajputana Desi Lok Parishad or Rajputana Native States Public Council was established. These councils laid the foundation for Praja Mandal movement in Rajasthan.

Nature of the Praja Mandal Movements:

  • The people of Praja Mandal fought against the Feudalism and colonialism.
  • The people of Praja Mandal movement fought against their feudal princes and the British administration simultaneously for their rights.
  • The main demand of the Praja Mandal movements was the democratic (fundamental) rights.

Activities of Praja Mandal Movements:

  •  The people of the Praja Mandal Movements implemented the constructive programmes of the Indian National Movement in their princely states.
  • They established schools, used khadi, encouraged cottage industries and started agitation against the Untouchability.

Contribution of Praja Mandal:

The Praja Mandal movement not only created a political awakening among the people in the Indian States but also fought for their rights, their share in the government and their dynamic participation in the future political set up of the country. Other contributions included:

  • Improvement in Education
  • Rise of social equality
  • The most important contribution of these organisation was to break the insularity of the peasant movements by linking them with one another in different princely states, as well as with peasant movements in British India .

Praja Mandals of Rajasthan Summary Sheet

S.NO Year Est. Name of Praja Mandal Important Facts
1 1931 & 38 Jaipur PrajaMandal
  • In 1931 founded by Arjunlal Sethi & Kapur Chand Patni.
  • Founded again by Jamnalal Bajaj & Hiralal Shastri in 1938.
  • General Secretary – Chiranjilal Mishra
  • Chairman – Hiralal Shastri
  • President – Jamnalal Bajaj
2 1931 Bundi PrajaMandal
  • Founded by kantilal
  • Nityanand was the most active member.
3 1934 Marwar Praja Mandal
  • Founded by Jaynarayan Vyas
  • President – Bhanwarlal Sarraf
4 1934 Hadoti PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Nayanuram Sharma
5 1934 Dholpur PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Krishnadutt Paliwal, Mr. Mulchand, Mr. Jwala Prasad Jigasu
6 1936 Bikaner PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Mangharam Vaidya & Raghuvar Dayal Goyal
7 1938 Mewar PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Manikyalal Verma
  • President – Balwant Singh Mehta
  • Vice President – Bhure Lal Baya
8 1938 Bharatpur Prajamandal
  • Founded by Jugal Kishore Chaturvedi at Rewari in march, 1938.
  • Chairman was Gopilal Yadav
9 1938 Shahpura PrajaMandal
  • Founded by GokulLal Asawa,Madan lal Purohit.
  • First state to establish responsible governance
10 1938 Alwar PrajaMandal
  • Founded  Pt. Harinarayan Sharma and Kunjibihari Modi.
  • After its registration in 1939, Sardar Nathimala became its president.
11 1938 Kota PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Nayanuram Sharma and Abhinna Hari
12 1939 Kishangarh PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Kantilal Chauthani & Jamal Shah.
13 1939 Karauli PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Trilok Chand Mathur
14 1939 Sirohi PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Gopal Bhatt on Jan 22, 1949
15 1942 Kushalgarh PrajaMandal
  • Bhanwarlal Nigam (President) & kanhyalal Sethia
16 1943 Banswara PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Bhupendranath Trivedi, Dhulaji Bhai.
17 1944 Dungarpur PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Bhogilal Pandya (Gandhi of Vagar)
  • Hari dev joshi & Nana bhai also associated
18 1944 Bundi State People Council (Lok Parsihad)
  • Founded under leadership of Harimohan
  • Minister – Brij Sundar Sharma
19 1945 Jaisalmer PrajaMandal
  •  Founded by Mithalal Vyas
20 1946 Pratapgarh PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Thakkar Bapa, Amritlal Payak & Chunni Lal.
21 1947 Jhalawar PrajaMandal
  • Founded by Mangilal Bhavya & Kanhiya lal Mittal
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